LineageOS Reaches One Million Users with The OnePlus One Head

LineageOS is one of the cooked ROM that has lately grown Thanks to come directly from CyanogenMod, which has taken great part of the code and has been doing some small additions. At the moment this ROM team is up to increase the compatibility with the maximum possible number of devices before you go your own way.

The proof of this is that LineageOS It has recently reached 1 million active users, a fairly large amount if we take into account that it was not until nearly ended last year when it was announced that it would take the place of CyanogenMod. In the ranking of devices see as leading to the OnePlus One with an advantage of more than 25,000 users on the second puessto.

LineageOS has reached one million active users with the OnePlus One as leader, followed by the OnePlus 3 and Galaxy S3.

The flagship’ killer’ (bacon) original account with more than 67,500 users, while that second OnePlus 3 deals with more than 39,000 users. The old relationship of the Chinese manufacturer with Cyanogen Inc and its current policy of allowing freedom to modify your terminal software without harming the security are primarily responsible for the place of both terminals in this ranking.

Third place is it is a Samsung handset, the Galaxy S3 (i9300) very close to the OnePlus 3 with about 39,000 users. The list shows the top 20 terminals of different brands and ages which include the popular Nexus 5, Xiaomi Mi 5 or the HTC One M8. Thanks to the efforts of developers in exceeding the two years of support, many phones more veterans may be the last.

If you look at the ranking by country, see as Spain occupies the 12th position behind Mexico (8th), India, China and United States. In the Iberian peninsula, in terms of operators, is Vodafone which has the leadership of users who opt for LineageOS, while on phones is the OnePlus One leader ahead of the 5 Mi Xiaomi (gemini).

Thanks to the work of the development community can see how many of our terminals that do not receive support from the manufacturer (which can be from several causes) can enjoy the features of Android Nougat. We will soon see if LineageOS is still accumulating compatible terminals or begins working to differentiate themselves. You’re one of the users of the ROM or still you resist?