LineageOS Starts Strong: Already Accumulated More of Half Million Facilities

Recently I had that Android already nearly 82% of global market share, or what is the same, eight of every ten smartphones have installed any version of Android. But within the millions of devices that are betting on Google’s mobile platform, custom ROMs also occupy an important part.

CyanogenMod was, for many years, the most popular choice, reaching the ten million downloads. However, with the closure of its services at the end of last year, the community suffered a major blow, but almost immediately, the recovery began from the hand of LineageOS with the new ROM has already exceeded half a million installations.

The OnePlus One, leader of LineageOS facilities

LineageOS, ROM which was collected by the witness of CyanogenMod, has been underway since relatively recently. His arrival was announced almost at the same time that met the news of the closing of the services of Cyanogen and, although it is still far from reaching its predecessor, official statistics are very positive.

According to the official website of LineageOS, at this time the ROM already collects more than 542.000 active facilities, and the device in which most times is installed, with enough difference, is the OnePlus One, that list appears with the name key ‘bacon’, with nearly 42,000 facilities.

Followed closely by ‘kenzo’, the codename of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, with more than 22,000 facilities and closely follows the OnePlus 3. Fourth the Samsung Galaxy S3 is located in its international version, a fact that demonstrates that ROMs as LineageOS offer a solution for those older devices that are not updated.

LineageOS has a lARGO way to go to reach the numbers of its predecessor, as we said before came to ten million installations, but there is no doubt that, despite the death of Cyanogen, the community is still active and still has much to say.