Lowi, The MVNO of Vodafone That Allows to Accumulate The Megs Not Consumed

When we thought that the market already had enough actors or that large operators already had covered all segments of the market with its different ranges of rates or brands we know a new option. And is this coming Thursday arrival will take place from Lowi, OMV of Vodafone whose team will operate independently of its host to make it other OMV as Eroski or Hits Mobile. Lowi is for Vodafone as the Orange Simyo.

The gamble Lowi is so simple that it will only offer a rate contract, the same you. Those who opt for it will be with 1 GB at maximum speed for six euros per month and calls to zero cents per minute, but the difference with respect to other options is the possibility of accumulating the megs not consumed from one month to another contract, similarly to as already the own Vodafone does with their yu of prepaid rates.

In a market so cornered by operators of all kinds Lowi wants to seek to differentiate themselves by their way of managing the data credits. Your bet is the do not expire the megs not consumed a month, so that they can be consumed the following month with the limitation that only the megs of two consecutive months accumulate.

In addition Lowi will offer speed reduced in case of fully consume the giga, specifically to 32 kbps, but provide an interesting extra bonus of 200 Megs for a euro, cumulative equally to a up to 3 GB per month in which computed the initial giga, the accumulated megs and extra bonuses. The calls as we have already mentioned they will have a cost of zero cents per minute, with their corresponding 18 cents call set-up and messages will be 10 cents/SMS.

Lowi will be available from this same Thursday on its website but will come Interestingly physical establishments, but only to Media Markt, where it will be available from December 29. What there will be is an offer subsidized terminal or payment by instalments, but if a small selection of terminals at unique price. Of course, the cover must be Vodafone, although at the moment nothing 4 g.