Media: No 3D Touch for Android on a Provisional Basis

Rumors of 3D Touch-like functions to the upcoming Android 7.0 N will be manet to the ground.

Apple seems to get exclusivity in years on the brand’s special 3D Touch mode, a display technology which marks how hard that hit the Smartphone display.

In the Android world is Huawei one of providing pressure-sensitive technology in display, but without support from the operating system options are limited.

Therefore, aroused the enthusiasm when the former was that Google would introduce feature in upcoming Android 7.0 N, a new version of the operating system as Google will present in the coming week.

Sources with the well-informed news site, addicts, however, these rumors to the ground. Here it seems that feature is mentioned in the documentation for the Android N, but that the first will debut in a later update.

Thus seems Apple’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus to get near exclusivity on feature a little longer, since even the company’s latest mobile, iPhone VIEW, does not support the function.

Stay tuned next week

Wednesday, 18. May next week Google will be holding their annual i/o developers ‘ trade show, where the company will showcase all of the features you can expect in the upcoming Android version 4.3, also known as Android N.

You can already see the main features of Android 7.0 including: