Meizu PRO 6 Photographed in a New Image 

In the last few hours have emerged on the net the first benchmark attributed to 6 GHz Pro Meizu Mediatek Helio X25. The recorded values are definitely good and in line with 820 and Snadpragon of 2060 anointed in single core and multicore 5317 points. In fact it must be said that the Helio X 20 showed higher values in previous similar benchmarks and therefore no real conclusions can be drawn. Whereas X 20 and X25 only changes the clock, it is impossible to think that a X25 had lower scores in equal tuning. We’ll see how Meizu has handled this new CPU.

This time it could be one of the closest to the final product among all those published to date, for the new and long-awaited flagship of Meizu. These days we talked so much of the new PRO 6, between alleged technical characteristics and also shots from his own Vice President, just the particular plastic band that would attract the attention of the press, would be seen in this last picture, putting it very clear throughout the design of the device.

The few differences compared to the current PRO 5 may suggest a very clear choice of Meizu, so as not to upset the design for the next model, however, the lack of physical buttons (ignition and volume rocker) might suggest a significant oversight, on a job done via photoshop.

The home button is positioned below the display, like on the previous, while the camera sensor and the LED flash would be clearly visible centrally to the rear.

Also in this case we will have to wait for further confirmation on that, after the decision to use exclusively the new process Helio X25 of MediaTek and a full HD Panel with 3D Touch.