The flexible screens are giving that talk from… from… the truth is that a few years ago, and today We are still awaiting his promised arrival in the form of mobile flexible and foldable. The truth is that it is a complex task. Although it is possible to fold screens, a mobile device has more components, and make all kink is the real challenge.

According to Kolon Technologies, a leading manufacturer of the transparent film needed to create these screens, the first mobile flexible display they will begin to occur on a massive scale in 2018 and for 2019 it will have become a popular trend. To see if this time Yes…

2018 the year of flexible screens?

As I said, Kolon Technologies is one of the main actors involved in the manufacture of flexible displays. Among other products, this company manufactures the transparent film that replaces the usual glass ‘traditional’ screens and a supplier of companies from the likes of LG and Samusng.

According to statements of Kang Chung-seok, head of the division of the brand that makes these components, by 2018 from three to five technology companies will have folding devices and will begin to produce them on a massive scale, even though It was not until 2019 when would be most popular. Specifically, it calculates a 20% market share only in Korea of the South for devices of this type.

They also provide details about this new type of screens. Although some rumors told that he could bend with a radius of 1 mm, according to Kolon Technologies the first models allow a 5 mm radius, so the folding devices will have a larger curvature and its design could be affected. However, they hope that the radio is gradually reduced in future generations.

Is not the first time that it is said that “the coming year”, indeed have been listening to talk of mobile flexible display from at least 2012, so it It is not clear in 2018 will be the final year.

Another key to move the brands to this technology is that first There must be a clear need for. Flexible screens would allow us to also have a larger viewing surface in smaller size devices, could get mobile in the doll as if it were a bracelet like the device that showed Lenovo a few months ago. The possibilities are many, but insist that first you have to define very well their application in real-world usage scenarios.