More Changes in The Rates of Vodafone-Discontinued

With those of today, there are now five the changing conditions to Vodafone It is applying the beginning of this year finding on the good side Meg increase in rates yuser or improvement of print sizes fees while on the bad side we have the collection of caller ID in the fixed, amendments to the old Base rates that we advance on Friday and which today joined other old Smart and network charges or the old rates for mobile Internet, In addition to changes in prepaid.

Changes that in the worst cases pose a increase in price in Exchange for the increase of MB Although to be compulsory change in the conditions, not that rise will all profitable on the monthly bill since not everyone will take advantage of the rewards include more megs.

Specifically the first changes is the replacement of the print rates Smart S18 and S30 network the next 12 February by their counterparts today Smart S and M network that involves an increase in the quota of 1 and 2 euros respectively in Exchange for 200 MB and 1.9 GB more. But we will better know all the changes along with the novelties of the rates for mobile Internet in the following table:

A modification that while rates for talk and surf will result in the automatic migration to the current rates with better conditions, in the case of rates of Mobile Internet is a price increase without advantages so if you have any of the modified rates, will be best to request a change to any of the current existing modalities rather than keeping the old rates with new conditions.

Details offer valid rates Vodafone

The prepayment without consumption will be penalized

The last of the changes that Vodafone has already begun to implement affects the lines of prepaid card which consume less and is that while the latest rates do not require any minimum monthly consumption, card users were already obliged to charge a minimum of $ 5 every 9 months if they didn’t want to lose his number but from now also applied a cost of 50 cents per month if the line does not make any consumer (calls, SMS or internet) for 90 consecutive days.