New Bonds Prepaid Vodafone to Navigate from Computer or Tablet

The datacards or exclusive lines to navigate (not to mention) that are used to provide internet access in mobility to tablets and computers have remarkably fallen into disuse as evidenced by the CNMC data since smartphones allowed to share the Internet connection by tethering, but operators have not given up and have continued updating of rates such as in the case of Vodafone in December it has improved them.

Specifically it is an enhancement that affects the options of prepaid card and since now simplifies five to two monthly validity rates. One of 10 euros with 750 MB and the other of 15 euros with 1.5 GB.

Excess will be charged according to the daily rate from 4.10 euros per day of use or allow renewing another bonus if you wish to continue browsing but in any case will allow sail at maximum speed 4g up to 300 Mbps provided that the coverage and device are compatible.

50% discount on contract

Also Vodafone has launched a promotion to encourage activations datacards in contract that applies a discount of 50% on the fee for three months in Exchange for a commitment to stay with the rate chosen initially for 12 months which includes USB modem.

Supported rates mobile Internet contract 3, 2GB, 6GB and 10GB whose usual quota without discount is 24, 30 and 42 euros respectively, but is not compatible with the payment of tablets.

And for those who are interested in connection to Internet, mobile and fixed at home instead of opting for ADSL or fiber, Vodafone again offers the pack of Vodafone in your home with total mobility with 3.2 mobile Internet rate GB for 30 euros or 6 GB for 36 euros, final price.

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