New HTC-company: Revenues Are in Freefall

HTC has presented accounts of the year 1. quarter, where there has been a marked decrease of 64% compared to the year before.

HTC has had it tough in gradually a number of years-most recently with disastrous sales figures in China, and after that the Taiwanese manufacturer has just presented accounts for quarter 1 2016, sees the problems certainly doesn’t appear to be solved-quite the contrary. During the first three months of the year have HTC namely lost no less than $ 148 million. or 967 million. Crowns.

This is because the manufacturer has only conceded 14.8 billion. Taiwanese dollars equivalent to 2.97 bln. Crowns. It doesn’t sound like much, but it is actually a decrease on the whole 64% compared to the year before, where HTC had an income of 8.3 billion. dollars in the first three months. In other words, it is the fourth quarter in a row that HTC presents a loss, as time after time shrinks.

There are several reasons for the big Downer for HTC. Partly reflected in the sales of HTC’s latest top model, HTC 10, not in this company since the first now has landed in store shelves. HTC has therefore not had any top model to drive sales forward, which is not just helping on the revenue.

A second reason is also that HTC’s extremely popular virtual reality headset, Vive, also first have come up for sale recently. It barely 7,000 dollars expensive headset has so neither could lift the figures up.

That HTC is in big economic problems is underlined in particular by the fact that the large decrease of 64% compared to the previous year also in last year’s top model, One M9, landed in stores. In other words, revenues in free fall, but with the reasonable reviews, as both HTC and HTC Vive 10 has received, it will be exciting to see if HTC can avoid it 5. loss in a row after this quarter.