New Motorola Moto G (2014), Analysis

Motorola Moto G was one of the surprises in the 2013 smartphones sector. Yes, a phone for less than 200 euros surprised us, something seemingly difficult to assimilate since it is normal that the applause and compliments go always to top the range of each manufacturer. However, his winning horse was a terminal with a more modest profile. The idea worked well.

A year later we get a revision of the original model. A priori conservative bet but coming to cover the main deficiencies that had. A year has  passed and the surprise effect is no longer so relevant for what the question in our analysis goes by other jurisdictions is still the new Motorola Moto G one of the main references in the middle range while maintaining the same hardware and bringing few new features? We are going with our analysis to answer this question and many others.

New Motorola Moto G, technical specifications

New Motorola Moto G Motorola Moto G
Screen 5 inch LCD IPS 4.5 inch IPS LCD
Resolution 720 x 1280 pixels, 294ppp 720 x 1280 pixels, 326ppp
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1, 2 Hz 4 cores Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1, 2 Hz 4 cores
Graphics processor Adreno 305 Adreno 305
Memory (5 free) 8GB / 16GB, expandable with microSD up to 64 GB (5 free) 8GB / 16GB, no possibility of extending by microSD
OS version. Android 4.4.4, upgradeable to Android Android 4.3, 4.4-updatable
Connectivity Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, HSPA + DUAL SIM Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, HSPA +
Cameras Rear: 8 MP / front: 2 MP Rear: 5 MP / front: 1.3 MP
Battery 2,070 mAh 2,070 mAh
Dimensions 141.5 x 70.7 x 11 mm 129.9 x 65.9 x 11.6 mm
Weight 149 grams 143 grams
Official starting price 179 (8GB) / 199 (16GB) euros(Amazon) 179 (8GB) / 199 (16GB) euros(Amazon)

Video analysis of the new Moto G

Paragraph by paragraph, see that Motorola remains a firm commitment by a combination of hardware that has given very good results. Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 and 1 GB of RAM They show that they are more than valid to move the latest version of Android (remember its commitment to constant upgrades) without any problem. What’s more, it does so with fluidity.

Nothing reprehensible in this section except the battery where while the terminal increases in size maintains a 2,070 mAh that you know little if we bear in mind that the screen maintains the same resolution but increases in size. First alert: how will have repercussions on the daily battery consumption?

The camera also gives a small jump and not only are megapixel sensor quality. Without a doubt, the Achilles heel This terminal. Mediocre performance with processing software that does not help to make the results. They have learned their lesson and this time they have been unwilling to let lame this section.

It is curious that this time they have opted for a dual SIM model and does not leave one with 4 g. personally would have preferred the second option but I understand that in emerging markets or in strategic countries it is a very in demand function. Yes thanks what slot microSD to relieve a little scarce memory internal (8 or 16 GB depending on configuration).


It is difficult to innovate in a sector where the square rectangles dominate the design of smartphones. We have worn frames so that the screen protrudes, bends light to improve grip in hand or better materials in the manufacture. Little innovation and surprises in that sense with a Motorola Moto G who has decided to remain faithful to its format.

A slight curve on the back facilitates the grip slightly in hand. Five inches feel comfortable in hand and slightly sunken circle of the Motorola logo help to let us take it better. The side buttons feel more robust and too hard on the previous generation. Nothing serious, but it is there.

Return to plastic without any great objection. Soft to the touch, It gives the feeling of being a terminal cheap. In the construction however we have noticed that there is some leakage of light, something that is noticeable when we turn on the screen in complete darkness and see how the mobile frames are illuminated. A slightly ugly detail.

The front space is used really well and the horizontal and vertical frameworks are very fine. The end result is to have a mobile phone with a five-inch screen without having a brick in his hand. Good work here but there is one aspect which still find me room for improvement: the distribution of the loudspeakers.

It is a success that Motorola has decided to pass it back to the front. It deserves such prominence, they don’t sound bad, but the chrome finish of the two plates fails to convince me. It desencaja a bit and gives the feeling that does not give the key to resolve this point. In the Moto X unless the finish is more subtle but clear, we are talking about another range.

The connector jack focuses a bit and hole is not relegated entirely to the rear cover, some thanks and thus avoided that this piece is finished breaking in Moto G original was a part which tended to break. Of course, this time also We will have changeable shells with all kinds of colors, but with a rather high price (about 13 euros the officers).

Few changes on the table as you can see but really there was a need to make any revolution in design. The plastic is of good quality and the only thing regrettable is body sealing. In the dark and turning on the screen you can see that a little panel light leaks by some corners of the frames. Time Motorola has not confirmed if it is a bad batch or if they are specific cases.


As we have already mentioned the main novelty of the G bike it is increasing its size and reach five inches with the same technical specifications. Panel IPS LCD backlit with 720 p resolution. Larger this change of pixels results in a slight reduction of the density, but for practical purposes per inch just shown.

The proportion is still good and the screen is very comfortable. Good level of brightness, correct viewing angle (when rotated much darkens a bit) and a color profile tight where are not appreciated notable deviations to any color in particular.

The touch response is good and the increase in size is not noticed in excess. In conditions of high ambient light screen is not known and is that although the luminosity is correct, if we are just in the Sun it will cost us a little see what we have before us. Nothing remarkable, in the Middle the rest of mobile since most ultimately suffer from this problem.

In any case, Motorola again demonstrates once more that in this range of smartphones continues to have one of the best screens and few can offer a similar quality. Doubt that leave us and we will resolve in the next paragraph is autonomy. How he increasing size on the screen in a battery that maintains the same capacity impacts? Let’s see it.

Performance and autonomy

Motorola made it clear that with a Snapdragon 400 could have an excellent performance in the range of input. A plus against the King in this category, Mediatek, and without a real need to leap and opt for a more power as for example the 600 Snapdragon chip, model pile in its day one of the first shipments of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

What leave us in the benchmark esto? Very similar results compared to the previous model. Consider a comparison with this and similar mobile.

Moto G (2014) Moto G BLU alive IV Bq Aquaris E5 HD HTC Desire 816
AnTuTu 17.429 16.978 29.4031 17.422 21.607
Quadrant 8.708 7.329 13.034 5.788 13.112
EPIC Citadel 57.5 average fps / Hihg Performance 57.2 fps on average / High Performance 54.7 fps on average / High Perfomance 48.1 fps on average / High Perfomance 59.5 average fps / High Performance
Vellamo 1.935 1.898 2.603 1.784 2.771

Competitive but no substantial improvement, not necessary, with regard to the previous generation. There will be those who feel disappointed but in view of the results that we saw last year, and at the lack of progress that has occurred from one year to another, was not necessary a renewal of chip in a year. That Yes, another year with Snapdragon 400 would already be abusive.

Numbers down to Earth and talking about performance, the experience is very similar to last year. Animations fluid, fast opening all kinds of applications although it is sometimes easy to note some specific pulls in those that are a little more demanding.

However, it is not anything that is frustrating or that spoil the user with the mobile experience. You should be aware of their limitations and not compare it to a mobile range topA. A good performance in all aspects where the only thing regrettable is once again the internal memory.

16GB is a good starting point but 8 is a bit lame. It is true that we can dump photos or documents to a microSD but we know that not all applications can be passed here and some are beginning to be really heavy. Even so, the slot is better than not having it as in the previous generation. Of that there is no doubt.

Finally in this section touches talk battery. Keep the same capacity is a little disappointing because as we saw in the previous generation, sometimes it was hard to get to endure a day. In the tests we have done these days we have noticed it: going a little fair.

It is normal we draw some four hours of on screen throughout the day. Amount that I think it goes a bit short since that let us use the phone that day we will have to resort to a charger or an external battery. Personally I think that Motorola should have taken advantage of increasing size to put him a little more than capacity.


Few surprises in a section where Motorola has left clear ideas: Android with little customization where in addition to integrate Google services (just like Nexus) we find a few applications of homegrown that once again are responsible for adding positive and not simply load low memory with useless for the majority of users software.

On the one hand we have Android 4.4.4 KitKat standard with Google services. Little customization and the promise that at the end of years will have update to Android L. Nada new but effective, fluidity, a clear interface and the guarantee that the experience, although it is not unique, will meet expectations.

Then we have applications that incorporates Motorola for its part. Apps inherited from Motorola Moto G and Moto E: an Assistant of migration between phones, a warning system in case of emergencies, Assist to put the mobile in silence at given moments… In this case we have the addition of two SIM cards management.

It is not a paragraph which stands out in the Motorola Moto G although it works well it is quite discreet. They are not complicated and the experience is good. To customize, we have a lot of launchers and applications of this type for a touch but will not be Motorola responsible for making this work.


It was undoubtedly the most disputed section on the previous generation. Its sensor and software processing only offered good performance is very favorable circumstances. We cannot say precisely to be polyvalent and the truth is that the quality offered was very fair.

Apart from the increase of five to eight megapixels, it shows that Motorola has taken note of the criticism and has placed a better quality sensor. For proof of this, this comparison with the same image made with the two mobile phones.

As you can see on the left, color management has improved. More realistic tones where you can see well the shadows and where are represented in a more realistic way. In the model of last year we see that the image is much more flattened and many details are not appreciated. Subtle differences.

A test with the Motorola Moto G HDR mode. Excellent contrast between highlights and shadows, everything can be seen with many details. The volume of the trees can be seen well and is not too attached. Small details can be seen as the person who sits on the left bank. The fine lines of the cable car can be distinguished.

Try outdoors without HDR. New well in the details of textures like for example stones. Good management of colours and many details. The only downside is the depth of field, the details of the Fund are a little blurred, but the results are really good.

Test of photo indoors. Almost all the light in the room came from a beveled glass window and only a Dim fluorescent light served as a support. Motorola has successful this time with image processing. Noise can be seen easily on the sofa or pad but the end result is more than acceptable.

Photo of the interior with natural light from on the left side of the picture on a cloudy day. The textures of the nachos can be seen without problems. The colors are represented with great fidelity: the saturated or displays them washed.

Photo of exterior with artificial light. Very well capturing some details like the textures of the House on the right. The lights that illuminate the facade slightly burn the walls but many details of the windows and frames can be seen. There is much noise and although it is not the best photo under these conditions, makes it clear that not only sensor responds well in the best of circumstances.

Another photo of outdoors with natural light. Well captures the details of the buildings in the background very. Balance of lights, realistic colors… The only downside, besides the iron on the right side, is the blur to capture the movement. In the middle of the picture you can see a couple of slightly out of focus cars.

If we compare with other similar mobile we have seen in other analyses, we see that the performance of the camera of the Motorola Moto G has improved and allows you to register as one of the best options in this price range. Now yes, it is not a weakness but a virtue.

In the part of software maintains the same concept of auto-focus by default and the possibility to configure it in manual to also control the exposure. Personally do not think more comfortable interface, but once we do it is well resolved: icons not cluttered on the screen and the only downside is that the number of options is somewhat limited: flash, HDR, focus type and image quality.

The opinion of Engadget

Motorola proposed a very ambitious objective: the reference in the input range. A category that is still an infinite sea of terminals where none had managed to become a reference and its success was more linked to promotions or offerings of the agents. However, little by little come out models that break and the year passed, although it came late, the Motorola Moto G was the reference.

This year with this renewal rather conservative but successful, returns to aspire to be one of the biggest names in the throne of the modest mobile. Few changes but in order to solve its major shortcomings. Personally, I would have preferred version 4 G instead of two 3 G slots. A round mobile where the only thing regrettable is battery and a construction that, we hope, be revised in the next remittances.

In favour

  • Excellent performance
  • The camera takes a leap of remarkable quality
  • Unbeatable value


  • Autonomy is just for a day
  • Faults in the construction of the body

The phone has been granted for tests by Motorola. You can consult our policy of relations with companies.


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