Oneplus has captured a respectable position of credibility and popularity on the market in no time. Their first smartphone, the OnePlus One, was one of the best of 2014 thanks to an excellent value for money. This followed two other devices that we know: the OnePlus 2 and the mid-range One Plus X, both having a good following. They look so matured the timing for launching the next flagship.

The latest rumors indeed report as a supposed launch date next April 7, and it’s quite likely, because the company had reported that the launch would take place before the second quarter of 2016.

Meanwhile, today, OnePlus shared on Chinese social network and a new image rather cryptic, Weibo slogan which reads: “Good Design is Obvious. Great Design is Transparent “. This could indicate the arrival of the new version of Hydrogen OS which OnePlus adopted its latest smartphones, abandoning the Cyanogen.

All this has not been confirmed yet and it remains a hypothesis, but in any case we can imagine that this new version will be definitely based out of Marshmallows. To increase thehype, OnePlus shows, again, on April 7 as the date of reference, so it’s quite likely to be the new version of Android-based OS 6.0 Hydrogen can come to coincide with the new device.