The blog Dig Social Media pointed a service rather, that lets you know which are the pages most likes on Facebook from around the world. The differential Facebakers is view the statistics by country, instead of having a more global positioning of the whole thing (which is what usually happens). Want to know what is the preferred company of Brazilians who are on Facebook? I’ll tell you: it’s Nike.

According to Facebakers data, which are updated constantly, the manufacturer of sporting goods and shoes has nearly 180,000 fans on Facebook, leading off with Brazilian companies in the social network. More than an industry, the direction of Nike has said that selling a lifestyle and an experience, it seems you attract the attention of many people.

Second is the Azul – Linhas Aereas, a relatively new airline in the market, but with 113,000 fans on Facebook. I even bet a reason for all this interest: promotions, making the Blue gain more fans and more customers. As the web is an excellent channel to warn of cheaper travel, which can be bought by the company’s site, the combination is accurate.

The Top 5 continues with BlackBerry Brazil (59,000), Smirnoff (52,000) and Camiseteria (a startup that sells the best shirts I have seen, with 39,000 fans).

Interestingly, the list of 50 companies with more Facebook fans reveals giant companies with fewer than a thousand people interested, as the Sugar Loaf and Telefonica.