Now Yes, Goodbye to BlackBerry Smartphones: The Mark Passed into The Hands of TCL

BlackBerry grants rights to the multinational Chinese TCL Communication Technology Holdings Ltd, so this You can manufacture and sell branded BlackBerry mobile devices at the global level. The company has today confirmed same to devices manufactured by TCL, who also produces mobile devices for Alcatel, to adapt both security software and suite of BlackBerry.

It seems that BlackBerry has finally found how outsource completely the production and distribution of its terminals to withdraw completely, as already announced that it would do. But TLC is not rookie therein take BlackBerry phones, as recently as a few months launched the BlackBerry DTEK50 and BlackBerry DTEK60, two devices running Android as an operating system.

Announced compliance

The last of these devices was released just a month since BlackBerry announced that it would no longer manufacture their own mobile phones so confirming its hardware division missed the closing, Although they would continue offering devices BlackBerry brand. But of course, not manufactured by themselves.

This new agreement provides a TCL – which is the fourth manufacturer of mobile phones in North America- exclusive rights to manufacture and sell smartphones of the BlackBerry brand in all countries less in the India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Indonesia, which are precisely some of the largest telephony markets. But John Chen, CEO of the BlackBerry company, said to be negotiating with a company of the India to reach an agreement similar to the TCL.

This new agreement gives TCL exclusive rights to manufacture and sell mobile BlackBerry

BlackBerry is still one recognized brand both in Europe as in the United States, and although the company software and services revenues were 156 million dollars in the last quarter, below the 166 million the previous quarter. Maybe with this new agreement, the sale of devices increase future company figures and reposition it on the mobile market today.