Oceania Top Tourist Countries

Oceania Top Tourist Countries

Oceania is made up of numerous islands that individually or collectively form nations. It is an area that has been popular to travel to, especially Australia and depending on where you are going and whether you belong to a risk group or not, the recommendations for vaccination are different. Click on the respective destination you are going to to get information about what applies to the particular place you are going to travel to. Check Countryaah website for comprehensive guide to Oceania and all countries within this region. With good preparation and good knowledge, your trip to Oceania will be just the way you want it to be!

Country Share of tourist income in exports (percent)
Australia 14.0 (2016)
Fiji 48.4 (2015)
Kiribati 16.8 (2016)
Marshall Islands 6.1 (2014)
Micronesia Federation 23.0 (2014)
New Zealand 19.4 (2016)
Palau 87.1 (2015)
Papua New Guinea 0.0 (2016)
Solomon Islands 12.8 (2016)
Samoa 58.6 (2015)
Tonga 54.2 (2013)
Tuvalu 11.7 (2013)
Vanuatu 78.9 (2015)


  • Capital: Apia
  • Population: 194 320 (2012)
  • Currency: Speak
  • Language: Samoan and English
  • Country code for telephone: +685

The island of Samoa in the Pacific is a divided nation where Samoa is on the west side of the island, and American Samoa is on the east. Another nation belongs to the nation, which means that Samoa consists of two islands in total, where the capital is located on the island named Upolu. Samoa became independent from New Zealand in 1962.

Tourist in Samoa

Samoa is a tropical paradise island, where temperatures basically never creep below 20 degrees. It is also a nation very close to its history, taking advantage of what makes them unique, such as their traditional tattoos. Nature is a wonderful experience of rolling forests and beaches.

Tourist in Samoa

Vaccination on Samoa

Like many other nations in the area, Samoa has a requirement that you be able to show a certificate of a Yellow fever vaccination if you have recently visited a particular country located in Africa or in South America. It is important to think about and be out well in advance of vaccination before traveling, as everyone is recommended a vaccination against Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B, the latter for longer stays. Cholera, Typhoid and Tuberculosis are also things that you should vaccinate against on a longer visit.

Solomon Islands

  • Capital: Honiara
  • Population: 523,000 (2009)
  • Currency: Solomon Islands Dollar
  • Language: English
  • Country code for telephone: +677

Solomon Islands is very true as the name suggests from a variety of islands that together form a nation. The islands have long been inhabited and it was only a Spanish who discovered them already in 1568, which was also the one that gave the islands its name. The country became independent from British rule in 1978.

Tourist in Solomon Islands

There are things to experience in the Solomon Islands, and what may be most appealing is the amazing scenery they have. With very high humidity and warm temperatures all year round, it is an ideal place to sunbathe on, and in addition, the rainforest is just a stone’s throw away.

Tourist in Solomon Islands

Vaccination in Solomon Islands

It is important to be prepared for a visit to the Solomon Islands because the authorities here require a certificate that you are vaccinated against the Yellow fever, which applies to those who have recently visited certain countries in Africa and South America. You should also vaccinate against Hepatitis A, and also Hepatitis B if traveling frequently or staying long in the country. Adequate protection with vaccine from previous vaccine syringes in Sweden should also be checked. Also, be sure to protect yourself against Tuberculosis and Typhoid as well as protect your body against mosquitoes as malaria is a problem here.


  • Capital: Pape’ete
  • Population: 183 645 (2012)
  • Currency: Solomon Islands Dollar
  • Language: French Pacific Franc
  • Country code for phone: +689

Tahiti is not a native country but belongs to France and French Polynesia. This means that the people of Tahiti are French citizens, and also have full political rights like any French. However, they are independent from France and have their own political rule.

Tourist in Tahiti

Tourism is a significant part of the Tahitian economy. It is also easy to understand why so many people visit this place of the world, especially since Tahiti is known for its black sandy beaches and its classic dance.

Vaccination in Tahiti

Before you leave for your trip to Tahiti, it is important that you protect yourself from illness. What exactly you need for protection depends entirely on who you are and whether you have past concerns or not. However, Hepatitis A is necessary to vaccinate against, and should you stay longer in Tahiti, it is also important to vaccinate against Hepatit B. However, there is more you should be aware of and you may need to vaccinate yourself further. Tuberculosis, Cholera and Typhoid are common, which means you may also need to protect yourself against these.


  • Capital: Nuku’alofa
  • Population: 103 036 (2011)
  • Currency: Pa’anga
  • Language: Tongan and English
  • Country code for telephone: +676

Tonga is a large country, in which case if you count the number of islands the nation consists of. They are 176 in number, of which 52 are inhabited. 70% of the population lives on the largest of the islands, Tongatapu. These islands were discovered by Thomas Cook, and thanks to the welcome he received, Tonga has gained a reputation for being friendly to strangers.

Tourist at Tonga

Tonga is a popular country to visit for those interested in true tropical nature. Snorkeling, fishing and surfing are common things you can do here, besides improving the tan and being pampered in a country that has a tradition of welcoming tourists in the best way.

Tourist at Tonga

Vaccination on Tonga

Before going to Tonga it is recommended that you check the status of your vaccinations that you received in connection with the Swedish vaccination model. If you have not received all, or lack protection, you should remedy this, and at the same time make sure you vaccinate against Hepatitis A. If you are planning for a longer stay on Tonga, you should also vaccinate against Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis, Cholera and Typhoid. Also, be sure to protect yourself from mosquitoes, as there is a risk that they will spread dengue fever.


  • Capital: Port Vila
  • Population: 266 937 (2014)
  • Currency: Vanuatu vatu
  • Languages: Bislama, French and English
  • Country code for telephone: +678

Vanuatu is an archipelago located in the South Pacific. The islands, and later the country, were created like many others with the help of volcanoes and were originally populated by Melanesian people. The country was formerly a divided colony between France and Britain but since 1980 has been a sovereign, own state.

Tourist at Vanuatu

Thanks to the elongated shape of the country, there are many different tropical locations in Vanuatu. In the north it can be hot and humid, while it is milder and drier further south. Most tourists come to Vanuatu during the period from July to December, which is the warmer period of the year.

Tourist at Vanuatu

Vaccination on Vanuatu

As you should for every trip you make abroad, you should always check how your vaccination looks right now. If the effect has diminished, it is important that you vaccinate again, and that you simultaneously vaccinate against Hepatitis A. There are those who want to stay longer in the country than just a week, and for them it is important to also vaccinate against Hepatitis B , Tuberculosis, Typhoid and Cholera. Mosquitoes spreading malaria are a problem in Vanuatu, so be sure to protect yourself from mosquito bites.