OnePlus boys continue to seek excellence in the firmware that Cyanogen develops for its One, one of the most attractive handsets this year which has however limited its success due to its production and distribution problems.

A few weeks ago expected the solution to its problems with the multi-touch sensor, but updates on OnePlus go more slowly of what would be expected, so it was not until today when they have announced the arrival of the 38R version of Cyanogenmod 11S.

The new update will be released immediately, so you will be reaching your One imminently loaded with a good list of what’s new.

The principal are in the photography and video recording, and it is the OnePlus One will be able from now take pictures in RAW format, In addition to the inclusion of a pause during video capture button.

Likewise, management of the battery and the audio has been improved since the device You can play high-definition music with the new firmware. Also be implemented a new lock screen and will be native support devices ANT +.

All accompanied by the traditional correction of bugs and errors, ranging from the aforementioned the multi-touch sensor troubleshooting the solution to various problems related to the LED, the Bluetooth connectivity or mobile network options.

The Cyanogen team has introduced also a method to report a problem directly to developers, so there won’t be any excuses so OnePlus One software is not Polish as much as possible while awaiting the arrival of his successor next year.