Among the best-known Chinese manufacturers, Oppo is perhaps one of which less has had impact in the international markets, and that while their devices become Yes officially here thanks to the Oppo for Europe official website.

Already some time ago that the Chinese have in the market to its current ship logo, Find 7, but its highest range will be renewed in the face at the end of the year, and it is that Oppo is already preparing the presentation of the new Oppo N3, which will be held on October 29.

We had already seen the new generation of the Oppo N1 in filtered images, but today, in addition to the announcement of the event, from Oppo have been leaked several images of the device, keep your feature rotating camera.

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However, the design will not risk much as hinted in the first leaks, and is that Oppo N3 will keep the lines of its predecessor, although a little dawning the final design with a framework that will be aluminum to avoid the controversy of the premium construction.

In terms of specifications, it is rumored that it will keep the screen of 5.9 inch, This time riding a chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 along with 3 GB of RAM, although we don’t know much more about the device.

Little it is already for its official launch, so we are sure that we will learn more details as it approaches. We will be very vigilant, because this N3 Yes officially reach our country.