Paranoid Android Is Preparing Its Return Again

Paranoid Android is one of the most legendary Android ROM, Although in recent times it cannot be said that they have been too active. The last thing we knew of them was that they were preparing an update of Nougat for its ROM last year and since then… nothing.

Now his team He is preparing a new twist to the activity, as they have to know with an image teaser in her profile of Google +. The image does not say much, except leave glimpse the redesigned foot Control characteristic of this ROM, whose resemblance to Android or temporary logo is simply circumstantial.

#stayparanoid our site

— Alex NDS (@TheCrazyLex) April 20, 2017

Although the purpose of the image was probably remember that Paranoid Android was still alive, because it did not include any information or text beyond the hashtag #stayparanoid and Nice Try (Nice try) file name, before the other skeptical comments that has received the news the return of Paranoid Android in the media, the project leader, Arz Bhatia, has been forced to add some clarification.

Just to clarify some things – we try to launch new builds when they are stable enough to make them public and abandon the concept of nightlies so long ago.

Paranoid Android 6 was launched when it was stable enough for daily use and is only updated when needed to correct critical errors. Due to the lack of hands, we had to change the focus of functions first stability first.

In terms of staff, now we only have 3-5 active developers working on the project. The team is great, but we lost a few key workers long ago.

Paranoid Android is still a community of Cremona. It is free and open to all. Developers working on the project do it for the community without any compensation. I am here to represent my team and the comments here are not helping to motivate them to continue working on the project.

We are passionate about building good products and we launched them only when they have reached the level of quality, perfection and stability that we had in mind when we began to work on the project.

So, if you are interested in seeing the next AOSPA based on Nougat or those who arrive, patience. As they say in these cases, it will be ready “when it’s done”.