Picture of iPhone 7-Dummy Shows Minimalist Design

An image of a dummy-device of the upcoming iPhone 7 are surfaced. Here is no longer the aerial lines on the back, and the camera sticks no longer out.

The rumors about the upcoming iPhone 7 takes slowly, in step with a possible launch in September is approaching. Now is a supposed picture of a so-called dummy-device of the iPhone 7 appeared on the website Mac Rumors, anonymous has been tipped as the image.

There is therefore no guarantee that it is the real thing, and it is therefore recommended to always take such information with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, the picture gives a good indication of how iPhone 7 in all probability going to look like.

the iPhone on the image votes as consistent with several of the rumors, but at the same time, it also raises more questions, since other rumors are pointing in a different direction.

First, there are the visible antenna lines that long have broken it otherwise stylish design on the back of the latest iPhones. These are now moved to the top and the bottom, where they do not like the design of near as much. It leaves a metal back cover, there have never been more minimalist on an iPhone.

It is also due to another change in the iPhone 7, as the picture supposedly shows. The camera no longer sticking out, but is completely flat with the rest of the back. There have been rumors that points in the direction of the camera quite right becomes completely flat, but also that it’s going to sting a bit out. Whether it sticks out or not, it would still appear that it will be iPhone 7 Plus who gets dual-camera setup with two cameras side by side.

On the back is seen also the so-called Smart Connector, which is also used in the two iPad Pro-tablets. The idea of Smart Connector is that both power and data can be transferred between the device and the connected accessory, such as a keyboard or cover, but also here it is doubtful whether it actually will be a part of the iPhone 7.

Previously was a picture of the iPhone 7 Plus leaked that supposedly shows this new connectivity option, but otherwise it sounds from the Japanese page Mac Otakara, that it is not when to get iPhone 7.

Perhaps the most talked-about change in the upcoming iPhone 7 is the absence of the familiar jack. The rumors have been identical on this point until recently, where an image of a supposed iPhone component for 7 was then re-photographed. Here you can see the sudden, that iPhone 7 still getting jack, but it is not, therefore, to find at the last image that surfaced of iPhone 7.

Where there is clearly still a part of conflicting rumors about the design, on the other hand, it is quite certain that it will have a new and, above all, faster Apple A10 processor manufactured by TSMC, a “virtual” touch-sensitive home button instead of the physical button, water-and dust density and a faster LTE/4 g modem from Intel.