Practical Test: 5-Inch Smartphone BQ Aquaris X 5 with Cyanogenmod

Test conclusion: what you should know

The BQ Aquaris X 5 sets on the Android version cyanogenmod, which allows more deeply detailed settings. The metal frame and the non-slip back are an eye-catcher. During daylight hours, it shoots good photos, weakens it at pace. Best price on the Internet: 164.90 euro * per order this product at Amazon chic aluminium free OS cyanogenmod two big updates guarantees against low display resolution satisfying some slow work speed test note of Editor 2.64 user rating now evaluate have also the nose fully that you not just can delete forced apps on your Smartphone, (such as Samsung’s S-Planner calendar)? And tired of apps that without asking your contacts to access or back where you are right now? As already the developers of now the by successor replaced Oneplus one opts for the Spanish brand BQ the cyanogenmod Android offshoot. Your Smartphone can be largely tame. The BQ Aquaris X 5 is already the second smartphone from the smithy, which breeds from their smartphones in Spain which then hatch in China from the egg to become the high fliers also in Germany. The BQ Aquaris M4. 5 achieved already decent results in the test, but had a moderate camera on board.

The key figures

The Aquaris X 5 weighs 148 grams and at first glance looks like an iphone 5S. It is 70, 5 x 144, 4 x 7, 5 mm and therefore belongs to the rather slim smartphones. The back is made of aluminum, the display has a diagonal of 12.7 centimeters (5 inches) and is made of Dragontrail glass. This is less minimal hard as a gorilla glass, otherwise but also scratch-resistant. It has two drawers that open with the supplied PIN or a paper clip. Left two fit into Nano-sims, right a microsd card (up to 32 GB). The Aquaris X 5 has two cameras. The back has the Sony IMX 214 13 megapixel chip and he provides videos in full HD standard. For connoisseurs: All the photo chip is starting to smell no longer: he was already in the Sony Xperia Z2, the nexus 6 and the HTC one A9 in use, as shown in a list. The front-facing camera for Selfies has 5 megapixels, the chip 5E2 comes from Samsung. The Aquaris X 5 Sparks on the LTE belts (FDD (800 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600).) There is a maximum the n standard for Wi-Fi connections. The middle-class quad-core processor Snapdragon TM412 which compared to its predecessor cycles (up to 1.4 gigahertz) faster and faster with data feeds memory does the counting. As memory, there are ordinary 2 gigabytes of RAM and for storing apps, photos and other data still appropriate to 11.8 gigabyte remain from the 16 gigabytes. If you need more, you should use a microsd card. The battery has been comparatively large with 2,900 MAH, the duration was around one day in the practice test about two days with heavy use.

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Unusual equipment details

Weak display really?

While some Smartphones such as, for example, the Sony Xperia Z5 premium with a 4K-auflösenden display, you must settle for as a buyer of Aquaris X 5 with 1280 x 720 pixels at a but ordinary pixel density of 294 points per inch. That sounds but more dramatic than it is for daily use. Who has not just eyes, will not criticise the somewhat lower level of detail. It has been there disturbing that pretty much reflects the IPS display and the automatic brightness adjustment ex works somewhat reserved acts. The display can be brighter if you use your Smartphone out there. The contrast and the colour rendition is nothing to suspend and the touchscreen responds much better on inputs than on the smaller brother Aquaris M4. 5. The keys to enter text got something small, a Visual demarcation to the neighbouring letters missing. Yet settled texts quite fluently and without many typos type.

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The photos of the Aquaris X 5 are below average, despite the great name of the built-in sensors. We start with the back camera. Nominally 13 megapixel dissolving very finely, the photos that speak a different language: you worked in the test all rather flat and low-detail. One reason for this could be the control of the camera. The consumption data of the photos suggests that she highly regulates the sensitivity of the chip already very early. When shooting in daylight the Aquaris X 5 raised already ISO sensitivity ISO 549, while many other cameras be satisfied with ISO 100. A high ISO value leads to more noise in the image. Translated by: more image errors, removed the camera electronically again at the expense of picture details. Also the test shots showed exactly that. The front-facing camera for Selfies in turn overdoes it with the wide angle. So get yourself snub noses to tubers. One holds the camera but slightly farther away, succeed quite good Selfies, especially using the fill-in Flash. He dosed the light quite well, so that the face is well exposed, but not flooded the background.

Video on the theme

Cyanogenmod and a price that is worth watching: what does the BQ Aquaris X 5 for 250 euro, what’s in the Pack? BQ Aquaris X 5: cyanogenmod-smartphone from Spain tortoise or Hare?

Cyanogenmod version 12.1 is installed on the device. Experts translate the development step Android 5.1 (lollipop). The provider promises but, that at least two major updates may be possible with less expensive smartphones that is rather rare. Future-proofing is so first of all no problem, even if the battery in the unit is firmly installed. But the X 5 is still fast enough? Benchmarks eject rather average values for the device. It reached 29.505 points at Antutu, about as much as the very aging Samsung Galaxy S4. In the Geekbench-3 test it moved with scores of 523 (single-core test) and 1,571 points (multi-core test) in exactly the area for this processor which can be expected. A hit is not the X 5, but the pace of everyday life was okay. Here is also an advantage that the developers have tortured no power-hungry, high-definition display in the narrow case. The few pixels (it 921,600) are always fixed even by a middle class graphics processor shown.