The tests to the photo quality Pureview series Nokia smartphones take regularly good grades. But in practice the Lumia camera caused so far mostly frustration: the camera app was too slow. Just top models such as the Lumia 930 needed for start, throwing and store what. This conclusion is to be now: after the latest firmware update to Lumia denim 1520, 830 and 930 installs itself on the three top Lumias Lumia Lumia’s new camera app. What really makes the app? Our site has made the practice test.

Lumia camera: quick starter with problems

Already when you first start it is striking that something has happened. The camera app is faster than the previous version around a second and less time is also when you save. And immediately notice a change: there’s no video button more. Video recordings automatically start when pressing and holding the camera button longer than about a second. Hook: Who takes the fingers while shooting not fast enough from the button launches a video easy to accidentally. Tip: This can be avoided if one throws the photo via a touchscreen.

Video on the subject

Microsoft promises better response times, faster processing and better images for his new Lumia camera app. That s right? Lumia denim: Improved Microsoft camera app in the check

New: the optimum absorption

Shoot first, then choose this work with the new mode optimum absorption (rich capture), which is activated with the tip on the magic wand icon. In this mode the Lumia shoot several photos in different exposure settings always immediately one after the other. Highlight: You can later decide that the exposure options you want to use and the variants can arbitrarily with each other mix.

HDR reinvented

And practical this approach is, for example, when backlit by a shady building against a bright sky is reflected. The HDR mode can provide for a more even lighting or even artistic effects, but not always perfect results. But where other cell phone cameras offer only the choice between out – and the HDR (for the iphone also automatically), Lumia users can now subsequently opt for the best variant: to open the already geknipste photograph from the camera app, you can see the motive in three variants of exposure: without HDR, with moderate (natural) and extreme (artistic) HDR setting. The highlight: Under Customize can you continuously adjusted via sliders how much the HDR effect will be on. Looks like it shows the following picture gallery.

Brings the Lumia-denim-update

With or without Flash? Ebenezer!

Also the dynamic Flash is very useful for close-up shots in the dark. The Smartphone has always created a recording with and one without the Flash. Then you adjust here via slider, how strong the Flash lighting to brighten up the subject. So you can have flashed motifs again in atmospheric images transform. Just for that, a blessing limited Smartphone Flash functions.

4K-Video via update

With the new camera app are the Lumia 930 and the 1520 able to create videos with 4 k resolution (2560) and 30 fps (frames per second). On the one hand that in the face of the Smartphone UHD standard emerging, on the other hand a still image can be thus retroactively from each video sequence with decent sharpness (8 Megapixels) store. Like previous Lumia smartphones can freeze even movements with the app Lumia moments or ban as a sequence on a screen. Lumia-830-owner look sadly into the tube: this model filming only with 2K-Auflösung.

Where hooks s still?

The Lumia camera is a giant leap for Microsoft’s current top smartphones. In detail there are still air above: it irritates you have to open the photos via the camera app to get to enjoy of the new photo tricks. Automatic backup in one drive, the multiple exposures, nor the edited photos back up. It is also a pity that the app does not also for other Lumias is available. Specifically, users of the photo-Primus Lumia 1020 will thirst for new features and faster camera app. Microsoft’s explanation: many of the new functions require new, powerful quad-core processors that only unobtrusive edit photos after recording in the background. The older dual-core processor of the Lumia 1020 is apparently not strong enough. However, older Lumias would benefit from a faster app startup. In Windows 10 Smartphones should the new camera app to the standard be.

Conclusion: Lumia camera 2015

Convinced the new camera app: the speed jump is clear and makes the Lumia 930 finally snapshot capable. The new photo tricks are fun and get more out of the already good Lumia camera.