The new Motorola Moto X comes with a special feature: front and back as well as ornaments and wallpaper that can be free to taste! Between November 29 and December 11, 2014 readers invited your individual designs on Facebook during the application phase as a premiere Tester up, then to face the judgment of the readership: the ten best designers were allowed to test your individually designed Moto X and your impressions, inter alia during the live test of the 6 bis22. The best give January on our site. In addition, seven key features of the brand new smartphones via asterisk award were evaluated by readers. The meticulous reader convinced highlights such as the 5.2-inch AMOLED display with full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and the 13-mega pixel camera? Here the results:

Tell the reader to the new Moto X

10 the new Moto X in the exclusive premiere test

The new Moto X looks insanely good

Motorola brought a superb Smartphone on the market with the new Moto X. Readers gave the best overall score awarded in a premiere test at our site! 4.75 out of 5 stars attest the Moto X to be an almost perfect device. There were top marks in terms of speed and design. The Moto X is the fastest phone in the Android OS 5.0, what I was able to test so far neither Apple nor the Galaxy S4 or S5 can compare with it, enthuses premiere Tester Bernd Haschker. Enthusiasm also on pages of Kerstin Meyers: I am fully convinced by the Moto X and it has now overtaken the iphone. Optical super, very fast, easy to use and reliable. Everything you want is in this unit. The Moto X also for his display went up high scores. So praise reader Nadine Heitmann the brilliant, razor sharp resolution and the great size of the display. A point of criticism in this category has Patrick Schnobrich however to install: I must unfortunately deduct a star because the AMOLED display slightly distorts represents the colors of the Moto X. White is more yellowish. That could better the LCD display of the Moto G. At the same time, the reader stand out but also the operation of the Moto X: A large part of the operation constitutes the unique and introduced by Motorola Touchless control. The possibility to activate the Moto X via voice command and carry out work using voice commands, I like very much. Very handy when you have your hands full or one not want to rummage through the menu.

The camera is not

Readers were looking forward to the powerful 13-mega pixel camera, which turned out a disappointment however. The camera is actually the only real negative point that occurred to me during the test. Images are not always sharp and the colors make not always the original, are Patrick Schnobrich to log. Although Motorola here relies on innovations, they seem to be not really mature. The camera and her ring Flash are something new on the market. Unfortunately, both can not really convince, Sascha Seyer is reported. This experience shall also reader Nadine Heitmann: camera function, sound and display were important for me. I was disappointed only in the camera that has not convinced me on the panorama function. Also improved the tester estimated the memory and the battery of the Smartphone. So participant Laura Hohm criticized: the only shortcoming in the Moto X is that you can change the memory card or the battery. The battery life is very good and i’ve never had a Smartphone, which I had to download so rarely, the low memory of 16 GB version, however, represents a bigger problem. A 32-GB version of the Moto X is also available Sascha Seyer shows solutions for the problem: conditionally remain from the 16 GB 10 GB by system apps. In addition the lack of an SD card slots. Here remains just the way cloud or pendrive.

Design you now your personal Moto X!

The Moto there maker to manufacture your individual designs online-only on, because in shops or at other online stores, you get the Moto X merely as a pre-configured model.

To design your personal Moto X

Motomaker: Moto X itself designenöffnen and click on the button design self. Then select the color and the material for the back. Color of the front wahlenjetzt you decide whether your Moto X has a white or a black front.
What decorating is to get your Moto X? The ornament from coloured aluminium sets effects around the logo on the back. Wahlendas Moto X memory size there either with a memory size of 16 or 32 gigabytes. For your Moto xauf of the back of your Moto X, you can place a personal engraving personal engraving. Choose a wallpaper for your Moto xentscheiden you what wallpaper your Moto X delivery should have. With Google-account verbindenwenn you your Moto X connect with your Google account, your name, user name, and personal settings on the device are sent on the first turn.