Rauha, Finland

Rauha, Finland

Rauha is a Finnish resort town with a rich history, magnificent nature and endless opportunities for an exciting vacation. The village and its environs are considered to be one of the most picturesque places in South Karelia. Rauha stands on the shores of Lake Saimaa, the 4th largest lake in Europe. The first inhabitants appeared here 9 thousand years ago – hunters and gatherers appreciated the natural wealth of this area and the abundance of freshwater seals found in Saimaa. Rauha today is a popular resort among tourists and sportsmen.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Finland is 5.542 million (2021).

Businessmen also like to come here: the magnificent nature and developed infrastructure help to leave everything superfluous in noisy cities and focus on something really important.

How to get to Raukhi

Today Rauha is a village officially belonging to Lappeenranta, although it is located 35 km from it.

Since there is no direct railway connection between Russian cities and Lappeenranta, you need to get off at the Finnish station Vainikkala, which is located almost on the border with Russia. From there, buses run to the city, the schedule of which is coordinated with the arrival of trains. If the journey starts from Moscow, the Leo Tolstoy train comes to the rescue. It departs daily from the Leningradsky railway station at 19:53 and arrives in Vainikkala at 5:29. The cost of a ticket in a compartment is 6,355 RUB, in a suite – 9,431 RUB.

From the Finlyandsky railway station in St. Petersburg to Vainikkala – only 1 hour 27 minutes on the “Allegro” (customs procedures are carried out while the train is moving). Trains from St. Petersburg run 5 times a day. Ticket price 1 992 RUB, from Vainikkala to Lappeenranta – 30 minutes drive. Fare: 6.50 EUR one way.

You can also get to Lappeenranta from St. Petersburg by minibus. For the most part, they pick up passengers directly from their homes and deliver them to any address in Lappeenranta in 5 hours. Some minibuses go directly to Raukha and to neighboring Imatra. From the latter to Rauhi, only 7 km, which can be overcome by taxi for 15-20 EUR.

Accommodation in Rauch

The pride of Rauhi, its most popular holiday destination is the Holiday Club Saimaa spa hotel. It is here that the vast majority of visitors to the village go. Also in Rauch and in the surrounding villages there is a fairly large selection of small hotels and holiday homes. Of course, they cannot boast of modern spa complexes, but small Finnish cottages offer clean and tidy rooms overlooking the lake. Accommodation in a private guesthouse will cost 36-50 EUR, and renting a cottage for a company of 4 people – 120 EUR.

Things to do

Holidays in Raucha are not only a nap after a hearty lunch on a sun lounger near the banks of the Saimaa, but also an opportunity to get in shape at the numerous sports facilities located here.

For example, in the Aviasport arena you can play football, baseball, golf both in summer and in winter. There are also tennis courts here. The local Holiday Club Saimaa Arena hosts matches of the Finnish hockey league, performances by figure skaters and just mass skating. Rauha’s spa hotels have bowling alleys, gyms, and table tennis tables. You can relax after active activities by visiting the sauna and ordering a massage. The hotels offer rental of bicycles, skis, skateboards and other recreational equipment.

In Rauch, everyone will find something to do. The river Vuoksa flowing in the vicinity is a wonderful place for fishing – it does not freeze even in winter. Fascinating hiking and walking trails pass along it, and you can swim in the river itself – even if the water is cool, but very clean.

There are several sandy beaches in Raukha, equipped on the banks of the Saimaa – the Finnish tan will last for several months. Fans of outdoor activities have the opportunity to go to conquer the water surface by renting a triple jet ski. On boats departing from local marinas, you can make a trip along the ancient Saimaa Canal going to the capital of Finland or go hiking through the secluded corners of the lake archipelago.

And if suddenly the city noise is no longer enough (it happens sometimes), you can leave for a day in Imatra and Lappeenranta. Shopping lovers will find everything they need in local shopping centers. After many hours of shopping, numerous restaurants of national cuisine will help you to restore your strength.


The climate in Rauch is temperate continental with warm summers and rainfall evenly throughout the year. The hottest month is July, its temperature is +23 °C. In summer it often rains with thunderstorms. The coldest winter month is −12 °C. During thaws, fog often occurs. The snow cover is stable. In general, the same weather as in Vyborg or Petrozavodsk. People come here throughout the year – in the summer to swim in Saimaa and fish, in the winter – to ski and snowmobile.

Rauha, Finland