Samsung Earnings Forecasts Public in the First Quarter of 2016

With the approaching publication of complete data for the first quarter of 2016, Samsung has released the Q1 earnings forecasts related to 2016, revealing things that highlight results above expectations.

Despite the South Korean company will hold a general decline during the first part of the 2016, caused by external economic factors and a slowdown in the IT market, estimated by analysts published forecasts exceed the expectations of Bloomberg and indicate 42.3 billion dollars in consolidated sales expectations and 5.7 billion dollars in consolidated operating profit.

When compared with the same period in 2015 we have a profit growth of about 10%, which is 5.1 billion dollars in 2015, while smaller sales growth rate, which in the Q1 2015 amounted to 40.7 billion dollars. The positive result, which at the moment is only a prediction to be confirmed (the final variation do not diverge much from these data), appears to have beendriven by the excellent performance of the new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, can dramatically improve sales performance than their predecessors last year.

We remain so pending the publication of the complete official data that will be used to get a better idea of the composition of Samsung’s profit for the first quarter of 2016.