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The Galaxy A5 is no price breaker, but a properly equipped mid-range Android with high quality design and sophisticated Galaxy technology in the currently popular 5-inch size. Good: Unlike at Galaxy Alpha or iphone memory is expandable. Annoying: The battery is changeable not on their own. Best price on the Internet: 239,90 EUR * per order this product at Amazon large display LTE memory expandable counter battery not changeable no full HD resolution test note of the editorial 2.65 satisfying user rating (out of 1 reviews) whether the Galaxy S series with the last top-model Galaxy S5 or the Galaxy touch and his successors up to note 3: Samsung had long time reputed to wrap itself powerful smartphones in a little elegant-looking plastic. With the Galaxy, Alpha in the metal frame Samsung made the first step towards Apple’s iphone. Now it goes a step further: the Galaxy A5 comes in a pure and very slim metal housing. Whether processing and technology meet the high expectations that COMPUTER has tested image in the test lab. There was some surprises.
Samsung Galaxy A3: average goods in a metal dress

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Design line for the future is the Samsung’s? The Galaxy A5 is an Android Smartphone with all-metal body. How good is the technique? Samsung’s new design language: Galaxy A5 in the test

Chic, but thicker than promised
The first impression: so stylish, yet no Galaxy Smartphone presented itself. The Galaxy A5 is slim, very light for its size and the simple, slightly matte finish touch is pleasant. Actually, Samsung at the A5 waived entirely on plastic. And unlike accommodates as Apple even a slot for memory cards in the housing. The new smartphone not thinner than the iphone 6 fails it with 8 mm as thin as the Galaxy but differently than suggested by Samsung is Alpha. On the contrary, it involves the again excellent camera, the Galaxy A5 is even 0.1 mm thicker than the iphone. This competition should be no matter the user however. Important: The metal hardly makes a dent in weight, with 123 grams the A5 is very easy even six grams lighter than the iphone 6

Samsung Galaxy A5: images of the metal cell phones

Galaxy A5: fleet operation, lame browser
Was able to convince the A5 with a very simple operation and high pace of work In the lab. The brand-new mid-range processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 with four processor cores is used here. In the test COMPUTER detected a pulsing 1.19 ghz and memory size 1.89 GB image with the processor diagnostic app “CPU-Z”. Unfortunately the measurements for the browser speed could (measured with octane 2.0, HTML5 test or Futuremark peacekeeper) not quite keep up with the good work tempo values: the benchmark programs certified the A5 total a somewhat slow pace of browser. On the functionality of the preinstalled Web browser there was, however, nothing to complain about: the A5 here scored the top grade In the test: very good.
Unpacked and handled: Galaxy A3 and A5 in the Video Comparison

Galaxy A5 display with light and shadow
Opposite the Galaxy A3 is the display contemporary equipped: the 5-inch AMOLED display (diagonal: 12.7 centimeters) offers a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels the slightly smaller with 4.7-inch display of the Alpha comes to 960 x 540 pixels. The screen of the Galaxy A5 with same qualities to shine, that inspire top models such as the Galaxy S5 seems at first glance: brilliant, contrast colors, sharp images. Indeed, the brilliant visual impression confirmed in the laboratory: 2057-1, the contrast is as high as for other top smartphones with AMOLED display technology. However, the maximum brightness with only 312.7 candela/m2 is not outstanding. The iphone creates note 4 in extreme cases (with the active automatic) even about 700 CD/m2 brightness of 500 CD/m2, the Galaxy. The sharpness of the image is not really at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels for the size tip. After all: Thanks to Super AMOLED technology, there are no frayed lines (Pentile matrix).

Galaxy A5 camera: do not tip
In the demanding photo Visual Test reached the 13 megapixel camera of the Galaxy A5 just a satisfying. Thus, left siedeutlich behind the (admittedly twice as expensive) Galaxy note 4. After all: For snapshots, the Galaxy A5 with a shutter lag is very well suited by 0.12 seconds and a duration of 0.65 seconds. The front camera with 5 megapixel resolution offers many dots but no good image quality (Note 4,5). The A5 with full HD resolution captures video at up to 30 frames per second.

Battery life: the Galaxy A5 beats the iphone 6
8 hours and 37 minutes the Galaxy A5 with heavy use lasts longer on a charge than the iphone 6 (7:41 h), but not as long as the Galaxy S5 (10 hours and 28 minutes). So it is located on a level similar to the Galaxy alpha, which although has a smaller battery, but apparently less power hungry works as the Galaxy A5 with seineem Snapdragon 410. With his Samsung Exynos processor

Photos from the test lab: Galaxy A5 decomposed

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Shock: the casing is bonded
Big disadvantage: the battery can be not changed. Experts might hard have to open the casing: showed In laboratory tests that the parts of the housing are bonded. Even if it manages to open the case and install a new battery, it can not easily reassemble. This is easier even when the iphone as the housing there screwed and also countless workshops on the battery and display Exchange are specialized. Thus the Galaxy A5 is likely to be electric scrap left after about three years, when the end of the battery life is reached. After two years, a phone in daily use is significantly less powerful.

Radio rate
The Galaxy A5 ruled the data Turbo LTE in CAT. 4 with up to 150 Mbps. In areas without any LTE supply, a maximum speed of up to 42.2 Mbps (HSPA +) should be possible. Is the A5 in a Wi-Fi network is hooked, it can control the frequency bands 2.4 and 5 ghz. The n standard ensures a decent data rate. Also by two walls, the A5 creates over 30 Mbps.

As memory are 11,22 gigabytes by the nominally 16 gigabytes, which indicates the manufacturer available. Unlike as in the Galaxy alpha can be extended by up to 128 GB of memory by microsdxc card. Also the battery is stronger than in the Galaxy with 2,300 mah alpha. Note: Unlike in the Galaxy is Alpha and virtually all previous models in the Galaxy the battery at the A5 not single-handedly changeable, the metal housing is completely locked up on the trays for nano-SIM and memory card. A clear deterioration for all who want to use your smartphone over several years.

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