Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and The Controversial Space between The Screen and The Frame

While we here hope that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is put on sale in our country, the phablet already leads because a few days on sale in South Korea, and from that country comes first complaints on the quality and manufacture of the device.

Some buyers of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 they have been seen as in the space between the screen and the frame of the card you can get, with what many people think that it’s a failure of the first units of the terminal, but it is not completely clear that it is a failure.

Problem recognized in your manual, as well as in other models

In the section on troubleshooting manual Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the manufacturer recognizes this space around the screen and casing as one feature of manufacture required as you can read below:

But curiously the “characteristic of manufacture” also appears in the manuals of the Samsung Galaxy S4 [manual], Samsung Galaxy S5 [manual] or Samsung Galaxy Note III [manual], to cite some models from the manufacturer, so that space between the screen is not new in Samsung devices.

What’s new then? Therefore it seems that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 by having a aluminum frame yields more easily to let get into the space that is between the display card, which does not happen in other models by having a more rigid plastic frame.

Anyway, we will have to wait to see if it is finally a failure of manufacture of the first units and it is corrected in future runs, although it seems a serious bug, since we don’t have the need to go putting cards in the framework of the device.