Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for Sale in Exclusive Silver Color with 3

Phone company 3 sells the first in Denmark Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in the exclusive color ‘Silver’, in the new color lands from other resellers.

Since Samsung launched Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge top models, it has “only” been possible to get the two phones in the colors black, gold and white, while many other countries have had a fourth color to choose from: silver.

There has at no time been views that the last  ‘Silver’-variant would land in the Danish shops, but now the phone company 3 light in a press release that it has received the exclusive right to sell Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in this silver color as the sole distributor in Denmark until Friday 3. June, when many other retailers in all likelihood will follow suit.

“Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has been a huge success, which really hit the spot with our customers, who appreciate a good mix of high-end specifications and innovative design. Therefore, we are of course very pleased to have this opportunity to be the first in line to sell the phone in the new color. Silver Edition is quite unique in its expression and actually even more beautiful in reality than in the pictures. Therefore, I would definitely recommend that you turn on a swing by one of our stores and experience it with our own eyes, “ says Director of Consumer Market with 3, David Elsass. This ‘Silver’-variant of the Galaxy S7 edge was said to be even more shiny than last year’s Galaxy S6 edge +. Therefore, if you will try to mirror yourself in the reflexive back – probably well filled with fat fingers – you can already check out the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge out of 3s 28 different stores all over the country, where a limited number of customers even get a free wireless charger included with a value of 399 kroner.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, silver can be bought at 3 for 5,490 dollars if combined with subscription with free voice/SMS/MMS and 10 GB of data for 200 dollars a month. Many other retailers are selling, of course, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, where you can see the cheapest price on our site here.