Never more space lack: Samsung 256 GB EVO + gives your mobile both lots of space and plenty of speed. The price is then.

Would you like to have your entire music collection, hours and hours of 4 k video, or the whole Wikipedia stored on your phone, you must have the well with space on your smartphone.

With Samsung’s latest EVO + micro-SD card, however, you can forget about the lack of space, Cloud storage and clean-up of files, for here you get 256 GB to have at its disposal.

It is similar to a quarter terabyte, which can accommodate up 12-hour 4 k video, 5 times Wikipedia or 33,000 music tracks.

Unlike most private micro Fische with huge inventory is EVO + card at the same time both faster and more reliable. EVO + 256 GB card can namely patterns read and write speeds on 95 and 90 MB/sec respectively, while it supports the market’s currently fastest UHS-3 standard. With the card follows 10-year warranty.

Does not work with all smartphones

It’s not all smartphones that will support the new Samsung card. By its very nature, it requires that your mobile has a card reader built in, and that it supports SDXC standard. All smartphones that are lit to support 64 GB or more, should work together with 256 GB EVO + card.

Running your mobile Android 6.0 or later, you can turn off the built-in storage space along with EVO + card and thus – if your mobile supports the feature.

Samsung 256 GB EVO Plus card will get global debut in June to indicative 249 u.s. dollars, equivalent to about 1,630 kroner before tax and charges.