Samsung X 360 U9300

By the weight notebooks in the 13.3-inch format in the cut are around 200 to 400 grams higher than the small 10-inch Netbooks, but for that they bring a whole series of advantages right. As well as the Samsung X 360 U9300. We have the test

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Review: The Samsung X 360 U9300 with 1,390 grams weight however shows the limits of what is technically possible. For other records of approximately 1800 Euro X 360 later more. As graphics solution, it contains the energy-saving and therefore less powerful chip set graphics GMA X 4500 Intel.

With the addition of U9300’s documented even in the name to own one on low consumption optimized processor – including the half power comes to the half frequency. That sounds worse than it is in reality. So, it takes very special tasks at Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet browser, to make clear the difference in speed.

The performance difference is then already clearly noticeable when editing high-resolution images or when you convert a video from one format to another. But here it comes easily into areas that drive the user of a powerful desktop computer to the coffee break. And the strengths of an Intel processor with a “U” in the name of stehensowieso on another sheet, like the endurance measurements show later

Drives and displays

Also features the Samsung X 360 is an own, comparatively extreme way: it does not have a built-in optical drive. But in times, where data are mostly wireless on the device, and where otherwise the USB stick is often the Transport mediaum of choice, it remains bearable in many cases.

Only for users who also like to use your notebook for DVD playback, comes the Samsung hardly in the shortlist. The X has an HDMI output for digital control of displays or TVs but 360. Hard drive capacity are 100 gigabytes available, the resolution of the display is 1280 x 800 pixels.

The notebook has three USB connections, lacks a FireWire connector. The extension standard ExpressCard supports it in the narrow version, which is now established especially in UMTS data cards. In addition, it supports Wi-Fi to the draft-N variant and Bluetooth.

Handling and endurance

The X 360 is also in handling a good figure – small and lightweight. Keyboard and trackpad are on level; Samsung the hygienically convenient silver coating of the keyboard itself to win WINS anxious minds. In terms of volume and frequency of use of the fan, so is the device not completely silent, a real troublemaker is but also not.

When the endurance , the hour of the Samsung X 360 beats. Or better, it hit dereracht – for so long the light notebook under normal working in practical display brightness of 100 candelas per square meter. This is an excellent value, for a 13.3-inch device with under 1.4 kilos of weight this performance is spectacular.

Samsung X 360 U9300

Manufacturer Samsung
Price €1599.00
Rating 401.0 points
Test procedure 1.0





Technical data and test results

Processor / clock speed (MHz) Intel Core 2 Duo / 1200
RAM installed / Max (MB / MB) 3072 / 4096
Graphics card type Intel GMA X 4500 HD
Hard drive capacity / optical drive (GB) 101.6 / no optical drive
Hard drive speed (RPM) 5400 RPM
USB / FireWire (number / type / number) 3 / USB 2.0 / no FireWire
VGA / DVI / HDMI ports / /
Composite TV / S-video /
Headphone / microphone
Docking station
PC card slot type I / II / III / /
Express card / AnalogModem / Ethernet /
Wi-Fi / standard / 802. 11a + b + g + draft-N
IrDA / Bluetooth /
•Diagonal screen size (inch) 13.3
Resolution / color depth (pixel / bit) 1280 x 800 / 32
Operating system Win. Vista Home Prem.
Office package / DVD player /
Burner / anti-spyware software /
Weight (grams) 1388
Dimensions (W x H x D in mm) 310 x 26 x 230
Endurance (maximum) (hours) 08:04
Endurance (standard battery) (hours) 08:04
SYSmark 2007 Preview 65
SYSmark 2007 E-learning 66
SYSmark 2007 video creation 50
SYSmark 2007 productivity 77
SYSmark 2007 3D 72
3D graphics performance 14
Brightness (cd / m ²) 311
Transfer rate (MB / s) HD 30.4
average access time (ms) HD 18.7