I have a love-hate relationship with Seesmic. I have been a user of Twhirl on the desktop, and when he stopped updating I moved to his older brother, Seesmic desktop. But after a few months of romance, irreconcilable differences separated our ways. I decided to give it a try and see how it works the version for Android and, Hey, I pointed to the good times.

Seesmic for Android is a very full Twitter client, with virtually everything you need and some more surprise. Certain that there is any lack, but to the user medium is a nearly perfect choice.

An interface that follows the standard

The first thing we see in The Seesmic interface It is that the general trend. Four tabs: history, mentions, direct messages, and view your account profile. On the tabs, buttons to manually update, to write a new tweet, and to perform searches. Simple, functional and direct, the joy of the new arrival user.

In terms of our timeline, mentions stand out with green background, while direct messages appear with a blue background.

And soon you discover details that make it big. Which I liked most is the of the Previews. All Twitter client that previews of images, and some also of videos available, but Seesmic inserts you a miniature of the image directly in the timeline, whenever possible (depends on the service used for the image). Works perfectly at least with TwitPic, yfrog and Plixi, the most commonly used.

Lives not only Twitter Seesmic

In addition, Seesmic offers the possibility of adding not only Twitter accounts, but also of Google Buzz and Salesforce Chatter. Perhaps the choice is successful, because they are not very extended services. But if you are one of those who use them, Seesmic must be of the few to support them.

Another feature that I haven’t seen in any other client is that with Seesmic you can connect to a Twitter account using a proxy server. In this way, we can use anonymous proxies or any other type, which helps to access Twitter from capadas connections.

Android-style configuration

Seesmic offers plenty of options to fine tune our experience with the application. The configuration is not customized to the style of the application, but it uses the same format of menus that Android brings by default. Despite being less aesthetic, is also more comfortable for which it is used to format the operating system. In this aspect, it is again clear and intuitive.

The multi account tweeters, the weak point of Seesmic

Although we can with Seesmic manage multiple Twitter accounts, to toggle between one and the other we must move to an account selection screen, to there to choose who we want to see, and then go to the tab in question.

The unique, and important exception to this is when publishing. In the edit view you can select from what account (or accounts) we want to publish, and can deliver the message simultaneously by several of them. In the image above, the menu to select the account to use is located in the Center view.

But the minimum you steps several Twitter accounts, I am afraid that Seesmic will be somewhat uncomfortable you. Having to go through a selection of accounts screen to look at what’s new in each of them is torture if you have to do often. But of course, not everyone has this need, so this to me is a very negative point, for the average user, it will never be a problem.

It lacks to learn of his brother’s desk

The latest version of Seesmic desktop has two characteristics that make it stand above the rest. It is possibly the only Twitter client that runs on Silverlight (at least the well known), when it is Adobe AIR. But above all, it is to be Extensible through plugins. Integrate LinkedIn? Install your plugin. Or maybe Foursquare? As equal.

Just what is this integration capability It would be really big to Seesmic for Android, because really in what win you other options is in the few services that integrates. And for those few who offers, one is Buzz. Only one I can think of worse: Google Wave. No, wait, Ping would be worse.

In summary, Seesmic for Android It is a powerful client, with features that make it unique, perfect for the average user. Only is you short if you need to integrate multiple social networks in one application and multiple accounts.

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