In their day, were one of the most important innovations of the presentation of the iPhone 7, not in vain the Apple Airpods accompanied with its wireless technology the idea of leave the standard audio-jack that the Cupertino firm has become directly a hot debate.

That Yes, the Headphones Wireless Apple had to wait until today to reach the shops, and at a price of 179 euros in Spain are not exactly an accessory cheap. Be that as it may, the truth is that the discussion continues and we will surely see more devices without the standard connector for headphones, so it is good to gather the best alternatives to the Airpods between all wireless handsets available on the market.

Options there are many and different brands, not only manufacturers of smartphones but also firms specialized in professional sound, which gives us a too open range of possibilities.

In this case, we have selected consistent performance and price alternatives It will be fully compatible with any Android smartphone that has connectivity Bluetooth with support for advanced audio profiles, virtually 100 percent of Android smartphones on the market today.

1 Samsung Gear IconX

The Gear IconX are the most advanced choice of Samsung in terms of headphones, and a cable-free design the style of the Airpods – bridging the gap – offer us a extra attachment for use to practice exercise.

Samsung, do not stop there because in your headphones Bluetooth are also integrated sensors to quantify our trainings completely independently, even heart function, and as if this wasn’t enough the own Gear IconX can guide you and encourage you through a personal trainer that you will speak on the basis of the data collected.

They are controlled by touch through gestures and of course they allow calling and voice control your smartphone thanks to S Voice or Google Now. They are resistant to splashes and sweat, and if this was little, have one 4 GB internal memory to store your music directly. We don’t have that if reliable data on their autonomy.

It is a costly option, but It is probably also the most advanced in terms of possibilities. Its charging base has extra battery and serves as a carrying case, and the set is available in Spain at a price around 220 euros.

2 Jaybird Bluebuds X 2

It is likely that most don’t know to Jaybird, Although the Utah-based company recently acquired by Logitech is one of the most famous manufacturers of sport earphones.

Bluebuds X 2 are one of the most serious alternatives to the Airpods, although his philosophy is completely different the design of Apple headphones.

It’s relatively large size headphones, but comfortable thanks to its double clamping the ear. They allow the use of practicing sport, are sweat and splash resistant, and come with a autonomy of up to 8 hours that hardly anyone gets to match. Also, they have a hands-free microphone that is compatible with the voice of the majority of Android devices control, and have also three buttons to control playback and volume.

You can buy in Spain, and its price part of the 139 euros according to colors.

3 Motorola Verve Ones +

The Motorola company also has among its range of accessories wireless headphones of high range, available in two models differentiated by its resistance to liquids.

It’s a choice similar to the Samsung IconX Gear, but without the integrated quantifier, but in Exchange they have one autonomy of up to 12 hours counting the extra involved in its charging base.

They can obviously be used as a hands-free to receive and make calls, they are compatible with voice controls Android smartphones and loaded through a foundation that will also serve to bring them.

Model certified IP57 costs in Spain 256 euros, while the Basic can be purchased for EUR 207.

4 jabra Elite Sport

Jabra is another little-known in our markets that manufacturers however, as Jaybird, already has a great tour when it comes to headphones wireless.

The Elite Sport Jabra are designed to use sports activities, with extra support and complete resistance to liquids with IP67 certification. As the other options of this style, have a charging cradle with additional battery that serves to transport them always loaded, and their autonomy is 3 hours Expandable up to 9 hours if you have the extra mAh of your database.

With premium sound, also allow calling and voice control the smartphone, and Add a quantifier with heart rate monitor It will bring us our training thanks to an application statistics.

These headphones cost around 240 euros, and will be available from next week.

5 Air by Crazybaby

Surely many will ask what paint these headphones here if at the moment they are only a crowdfunding on Indiegogo project and will begin to be delivered in April of the next year.

However, they deserve the Honorable mention after having raised a 5,280% of your initial request to date, you have heard well, more than two million and a half dollars of the $50,000 initial its created had requested.

Now you can pre-order for 119 dollars in known platform of patronage, and have audio premium, calls and support for the smartphone, resistance to liquids IP6X vocal control, equalizer, with a simple button control and a ergonomic design specifically designed for sports.

6 SmartOmi Mini Boots Wireless Earbuds

Again we have a model completely cable-free and promises to be good with those who love sport and listen to music at the same time. With a stylish design, they withstand splashes and sweat to not pale against the competition.

Included in the sales package a carrying case, although this time its charging base does not serve this purpose. Autonomy is estimated around 5 a.m., and you can use them both at the same time or one.

They promise a rich sound, are controlled thanks to a button and they are supported for calls, as well as vocal control of the smartphone through Google Now or our favorite Wizard.

Your price right now in Spain is only 83 euros, so in terms of quality/price surely we are facing one of the best options.

7 Sony Xperia Ear

The last option does not directly the shortlisting of headphones for listening to music, but we saw forced to include the Xperia Sony Ear as it is of the first approximation of the market these wearables of the future with some intelligence.

It’s a hands-free only 6.8 grams that we introduce in our ear, and thanks to an application It allows you to interact with it using the voice for us information, make calls, read messages, lead us to a place, etc. It also has advanced gestural control and a stylish case of loading and transportation included.

Sony says it’s an intelligent handset, although we do not know if the intelligence is in the Xperia Ear or in the application that we install in the smarpthone, and that it be linked easily with NFC connectivity.

Sony Xperia Ear can buy now in Spain, and its price is 199 euros.