Shrewsbury and St. Michaels Mount

Shrewsbury and St. Michaels Mount


the most beautiful half-timbered town in England

In the West Midlands, not far from the border with Wales, Shrewsbury is an idyllic place with a lot to discover. It is about 60 km from Birmingham. In particular, the very well-preserved medieval town center of Shrewsbury is a popular destination for visitors. But also the city’s numerous parks, which invite you to take a relaxing walk, make Shrewsbury very attractive. Due to the location on the River Severn, which flows through the middle of Shrewsbury, there is also a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in the city, which contributes to the fact that a stroll through Shrewsbury is very varied and interesting. In addition to the historical attractions that Shrewsbury has to offer, the city is also characterized by a very diverse range of shopping opportunities, which make it a true shopping paradise. In particular, the many small specialty shops that have been able to survive in Shrewsbury ensure that shopping in this city is a real pleasure.

the historic city center brings history to life

As the city center of Shrewsbury is a little elevated on a hill and besides
Bounded on several sides by the River Severn, walks through this part of Shrewsbury are very picturesque. The narrow streets of the district, which are lined by many interesting buildings, provide insightful insights into urban life in this region of Great Britain in the Middle Ages and are impressive for their well-kept condition. One of the highlights in this area of ​​Shrewsbury is undoubtedly the imposing Shrewsbury Castle, which can be seen from afar thanks to its red sandstone facade. Another place in the center of Shrewsbury that should definitely be visited on strolls through the city is the very extensive Quarry Park, which is located directly on the banks of the Severn and is also part of the historic city center.

Diverse cultural offerings make Shrewsbury a remarkable destination

Right in the heart of Shrewsbury, the Shrewsbury Museum welcomes its guests and offers artifacts from the city’s past as well as a beautiful collection of appealing works of art. There travelers will also learn a lot about the city’s most famous son, Charles Darwin. The city is also known for numerous events, such as the Shrewsbury Summer Season, which is all about art and is very comprehensive.

St. Michaels Mount

A landmark in Cornwall

Great Britain has numerous historical attractions. St. Michael’s Mount protrudes off Cornwall, and is often surrounded by side plumes. The small island can even be reached on foot thanks to the rhythm of the tides. This makes the island a great tip for all visitors to Cornwall.

An island like from a fairy kingdom

The small island of St. Michael’s Mount is located off the coast of the Scottish Cornwall and is one of the landmarks of the area. The island was already confused with Mont Saint Michel in France by Scottish pilgrims. This is no coincidence, as St. Michael’s Mount, like Mont Saint Michel, was built by Benedictines. Only 366 meters from the coast of the city of Marazion, the approximately 0.23 km² island is often surrounded by clouds of fog. The tidal rhythm has a major influence on this. At low tide, visitors can see the beach glittering from the coast, so that the island looks like it has sprung from a fairy kingdom. At high tide, however, the island seems inaccessible. Nevertheless, trips and study trips to the legendary island are possible at any time.

Explore the island

There are two ways to explore St. Michael’s Mount. If the tide is high, visitors can only reach the small island by ferry, which departs from the port in Marazion. At low tide, however, all visitors are allowed to visit the island on foot via a heaped dam. The former abbey and later castle is now privately owned, but can be visited. Anyone approaching St. Michael’s Mount on foot on sunny days usually struggles to separate the island’s buildings and rocks. The entire island has a special charm and is deeply rooted in the rocks and the sea. On the top of the mountain, from which the entire island is formed, is the eponymous chapel from the 15th century. Today the chapel is privately owned.

Legends upon legends

Often, however, visitors to St. Michael’s Mount do not visit the island for its uniqueness alone. There are numerous legends about the island, which attract numerous interested parties every year. One of the many legends relates to the great English King Arthur who is said to have fought a great battle on St. Michael’s Mount. During this battle he is even said to have defeated a giant. Other legends say that St. Michael’s Mount is the last remnant of the land of Lyonesse, around which there are just as many legends. Lyonesse is said to have extended to the Isles of Scilly. The mountain is said to have been surrounded by a forest. Remnants of the forest were discovered during excavations under water.

St. Michaels Mount England