So Satisfied Are the Customers of 1 & 1, Telekom and co.

connect in Germany, fixed line customers 2313 asked how satisfied they are with services, services, prices and your provider. 1 & 1 confirmed its top position from the previous year while Deutsche Telekom also performs very well, Vodafone and Unitymedia secure a solid good.

Since 2014, connect via the Publisher’s own specialist Institute for telecommunications conducts studies to the telecommunications market. Claim is this highest reliability and the exclusion of manipulation. Therefore the respondents know the background not and neither the customer connect polls. Also, no access to the respondents by the companies is possible through a random selection of respondents. Finally, the raw data is neutral prepares and adapted to the editorial point schema for the connect. Also the survey of not rhetorical tricks such as “Customer feedback” uses, to make believe statistical relevance. What is behind this? If 100 customers share for every 100 opinions, i.e. questions, you will at least 10000 customer opinions, broken down to several companies remains then sometimes hardly more than a handful of customers really questioned. The results of such studies are then usually alarmingly far from what show customers via Facebook, Twitter, or letter to the editor.

A relevant survey size of 2313 participants, which was made in two waves beginning year and mid-year was therefore to the quality of the customer barometer fixed 2016/2017. Interviewed was just distributed via online survey among participants aged between 18 and 60 years, who subjectively should comment on the quality of your service provider. What is subjective? For example, was asked how fast the company reacted to requests. The responses ranged here from very fast to very slow. An objective scoring meant that – as in our tests – trained employees with the stopwatch had recorded times. Thus, a customer satisfaction survey as a test can be seen may be a customer of an expensive provider expects other response times as the customer of a low-cost provider.

What but perfectly expresses the customer barometer, is the satisfaction of our customers with their provider. And that fails then differed in overall high level of satisfaction, as shown in the texts of the respective providers. Only companies where more than 200 customers expressed their opinion were evaluated.

1 & 1

The company from Montabaur affords just no weaknesses on the customer contact. So 75% of the customers of the brand assess the speed and quality of responses from customer service with very good or good, even 88% a friendly or very friendly customer consultants found – all highs with large distance to the pursuers.

But the network is perceived as well. From a selection of nine properties crossed half of the respondents reliability and power quality, more than 65% called the price-performance ratio as a positive feature and 77% of customers surveyed rated pricing with good and very good. At the other end of the scale, only 0.73% of the respondents kept the pricing for bad.

1 & 1 Rating
Customer service 107
Pricing & Billing 117
Network 89
Hardware & installation 95
Brand values 86
Sum 494
Note Very good

Even though the hardware was called basically as the most important aspect, she found at 1 & 1 but most positive mention. Less than 4 percent of customers evaluate the supplied router with less good or bad – top values in the environment are also, less than 5% had minor or major problems with the installation of the router. Obviously, 1 & 1 is currently really well and has completely stripped the image of bygone days. Within the customers surveyed, most hold the image very good or good, respectable 72,99% of survey participants would 1 & 1 recommend, further 22,87% constraint. These are also values that no competitor came to the.

If you have highly satisfied customers in all disciplines, which can go at the end only with the best evaluation within the study and the note “very good” home.

Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom has a huge asset and that is the quality of the network. The Bonner in the survey have the most satisfied customers in all requested criteria such as reliability, network quality, data rate or quality. And, although the claim is likely to be quite high. Despite the worst weighted price-performance ratio, only few respondents would switch to another provider. On the other hand, many customers of the competition to the Telekom would emigrate if money would play no role.

The telecoms even with regard to the consideration of difference between expectation and fulfillment of expectations can be proud of. In all areas, many on respondents called more positive characteristics than they had before buying in the head after the purchase. Particularly positive is here to see the high-quality hardware equipment and the innovative strength of the brand.

Telecom Rating
Customer service 90
Pricing & Billing 73
Network 107
Hardware & installation 84
Brand values 73
Sum 427
Note Very good

In the chapter service lands Deutsche Telekom ranked two behind 1 & 1 – probably partly, because 1 & 1 is the topic of service of communication far forward. Customers are on the whole well satisfied with the provided hardware, an above average number of customers Telekom also consider innovative. So results at the end also for Telekom ‘ very good ‘.


Also Vodafone will not have serious problems with customer satisfaction. Whether it is the speed in processing, the quality of response, the friendliness or the overall customer service, Vodafone receives generally good marks here from its customers. Telekom is missing a nuance, which is likely annoy rather 1 & 1, which itself has developed over the years to the Primus. The tariff structure, Vodafone experienced a snow white situation: in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area is all in butter, but in Montabaur behind the mountains there is a, which is perceived by its customers as a price even much more attractive. When evaluating the network parameters customers awarded decent notes, the distance to the Telekom still clearly fails. With the Bonn competitors equal when evaluating the hardware: quality and installation is the customer easily by hand.

Vodafone Rating
Customer service 86
Pricing & Billing 96
Network 84
Hardware & installation 83
Brand values 71
Sum 420
Note well

At all the hardware seems to be one of the highlights at Vodafone. So the hardware mentioned by the respondents customers 76 positive, but only at 37 she was one reason for the conclusion of the contract. Also, more customers feel innovative than you think in hindsight as clear. The pendulum in the price / performance ratio has slightly negative: it was a decisive buying criterion for 56.3 percent of customers surveyed, but the feature is striking only 54.7% of the purchase as a positive. When evaluating the image is striking that Vodafone is perceived by the customers surveyed as exceptionally personable brand.

In the recommendation, it looks comparatively mau out: only 58% of the respondents would fully recommend the Vodafone, Telekom’s are even 73% of customers surveyed 64% at 1 & 1. Finally, all the whining at a high level is, because overall it is enough for a good with a very well in sight.


Unitymedia also has customers who are generally satisfied with their provider. We see differences with the competition especially in the network. In the survey is not stored with any title the respondents for choosing your provider, but relatively speaking the evaluation of the reliability and quality of the network is worse than at the competition. There is high praise for the data rate, which is considered significantly more often with “high” in the competitive environment. It seems rough when dealing with the hardware to run. Here, Unitymedia customers awarded visibly worse grades than, for example, 1 & 1 customers.

In terms of recommendations, it looks similar to like at Vodafone: 58.3% of respondents fully recommend Unitymedia, 34,04% do so with restrictions. When Unitymedia turns the right screws, then the potential exists, better to cut off for the next survey. For a good but today it is enough.

Unitymedia Rating
Customer service 76
Pricing & Billing 102
Network 88
Hardware & installation 76
Brand values 69
Sum 411
Note well


Conclusion & facts

The service desert Germany does not exist in the customers surveyed. Mostly, all with their provider are satisfied or very satisfied. Nevertheless, even at the best rated company 1 & 1 good 4% of customers who would not tell the operator. For this reason prohibits way, sweeps the school note that connect otherwise would given to the considerable number of points. Vodafone and Unitymedia will be companies from Montabaur the most dangerous, because a clear differentiation is not perceived by the customers surveyed. It looks different at Telekom, whose Netz enjoys an excellent reputation from a customer perspective.

From the tens of thousands of data collected, can be read out that 22.5% of customers of other companies would switch to Telekom if money would play no role. Only 33% of Vodafone customers and 41% of the 1 & 1 customers would swear the loyalty their companies if it were not for the money. Almost been consistently surveyed customers of Telekom also had a noticeably higher freely available net income as the customers of other operators.

In the entirety of the participants, over 69 percent had to ever take the customer service, the hotline was the first starting points in 80.5% of cases, the least often sought help via Facebook, Twitter, or letter. It was amazing that only 162 of the total 1600 seeking help customers felt the response time as slow or very slow.

As a rather bad sign is the fact that every fifth respondents only somewhat, little or no understand the accounting and pricing. Here, lots of ground would be to make up for by clean settlement.

Internet services are on the rise – around 60 percent of respondents use services, the highest the price Amazon are Amazon video (20% use), music (15.8%) and Spotify (15.3%).

Basically, customers are loyal to their fixed network operators: 44.4% of all clients use your landline for more than five years, while the telecoms even 66 percent.