LG G6 will be one of the stars of the Mobile World Congress and, in addition to unofficial leaks, that they are not few, LG continues to give us details of what will be its next flagship. They have done it with the audio chip, with the virtual assistant and now it’s the turn to the user interface that will be adapted to the screen 18:9.

LG is warming with a view to the presentation of LG G6 and today give us details about the software. They had already confirmed that the display of the G6 would have 18:9 format and software revolves around this concept. His main focus is directed to an improved multi-tasking to It will allow us to have two square windows a side by side, but there is more. We see all the details of the interface of the LG G6.

Fullscreen FullVision or divided

As mentioned, the display of the LG G6 will be one of the main novelties of the device, not by their size or resolution, if not for its format. We are talking about a panel of * 5.7-inch QHD + resolution (2,880 x 1,440 pixels) *, by what its aspect ratio will be 18:9, or what is the same: 2:1.

This configuration, with split-screen mode integrated into Android Nougat, will allow open two windows of identical size with square format, as seen in the image above.

The applications will be designed to take advantage of this new format, wider than 16:9, and according to LG will be achieved more expansive visual experience, taking advantage of all the surface of the panel to show more information, to something very well come above all to navigate or read eBooks.

When it comes to watching videos, LG says that the effect will be more immersive, although the reality is that the usual format for videos is 16:9, but mark ensures that every time there are more apps and games designed for this format. In addition, the LG G6 will feature a function to display 16:9 content on your screen 18:9, Although we will have to wait to see how to solve this point.

Another detail of the interface will be the rounded corners, a feature which already highlight when we saw the first renderings of the design of the LG G6 and remains very aesthetic as already demonstrated with my Mix Xiaomi.

Returning to multitasking, the camera app will be one that will adapt your design to this format. There will be a feature that will divide the screen into two squares, one for photos in format 1:1, perfect for Instagram, and another to be able to go see the already made photos. It will also have a food mode and allow to create GIFs from multiple images.

We will know more details about the software next Sunday 26 in Barcelona, during the official presentation of the LG G6. We leave you with a video that shows some details of the interface.