Sony launches its fourth smartphone in the new X-series: a 6 “large Xperia XA Ultra with 16 megapixel selfiekamera, who soon will land in the Danish shop shelves.

Sony published three months ago three smartphones in the all-new X-series, which replaces the well-known Z-series. Before the new models at all, the country is in store shelves, follows Sony now up with a fourth model, the Xperia XA Ultra, which also finds its way to the Danish shops.

Xperia X-series three existing smartphones range from mid-range to top models, where the new Xperia XA Ultra will be a minor upgrade of certain components and not least the screen size in relation to the 2,500 dollars animal Xperia XA.

Most eye-catching is the 6” big screen with a Full HD resolution that goes all the way out to the edges and contributes to a design that looks extremely appealing.

Next fall the huge camera sensor on the front of the eyes. The size comes from the fact that there is pressure all 13 megapixels into the front camera with a sensor that is stabilized with optical image stabilization to get stable and sharp selfies on the go – even at night, when it is supplemented by its own LED flash.

All the news, however, must not only exist on the front. Also on the back of the camera is upgraded compared to the regular Xperia XA. The 1/3 “(0.85 cm) large 13 megapixel sensor on Xperia XA has been upgraded to a slightly larger 21.5 megapixel sensor that measures 1/2” (1.05 cm). The back camera using Sony’s so-called Hybrid Autofocus, as boats detects objects and predict movements for lightning-fast auto focusing.

Despite the large screen and therefore larger dimensions have Sony not taken advantage of the extra space to screw up the battery’s capacity. Why should you settle for 2,700 mAh, but according to Sony still copes with two days of usage on a single charge. Speaking of charging, then it is something which can be solved in no time with Sony’s Quick Charger (UCH12). Charge only Sony Xperia XA Ultra in 10 minutes, and then it had enough juice to 5.5 hours of consumption.

Price and availability

Sony Xperia XA Ultra are available in the same three colors as the smaller Xperia XA Ultra (with the exception of rosaguld). In other words, it can be purchased in the colors white, black or gold, when here in Denmark can be purchased during the summer.

Sony informs that it actually was not the plan to sell the Xperia XA Ultra here in Denmark, but due to the positive interest of the new phone is it right now in full swing with to get the phone to do so.

“Xperia XA Ultra was originally not intended for the Danish market, but the pga. positive interest we are working to introduce it in selective channels in Denmark “, says Sony.

When it will be possible to buy, it will come to cost 2,999 crowns, which is 499 dollars more than Sony Xperia XA. Should one of the three other Xperia X-models awaken your interest, you should keep a watchful eye in this month and the next few months, when the Xperia X launches here in may, Xperia XA in June and Xperia X Performance in June/July.