Sony Xperia Z Resists The Root, But The Community Can Make It

Sony smartphones have always been a tough nut to crack for those who were looking for a simple way to get root access to the device. To this day, and although Sony has taken steps towards the community allowing to officially open the bootloader and releasing the kernels, the tradition of the difficulty remains from times of a tank as the Xperia X 10.

The new Xperia Z is no exception, is protected, and although the root was already available to open the bootloader for this was that the DRM Keys of the terminal is lost forever disabling proprietary functions of Sony as the BRAVIA Engine. Now the community just got access to the superuser without unlocking the bootloader.

As they explain in XDA to get super user permissions without opening the bootloader of the flagship of the Japanese company, have used a method similar to the exploit that was used in the X 10, since it rained quite so it is curious to see how still continues.

The only side effect that we can suffer is that the NFC to stop. Fortunately, it is something that can be solved with a little morning to remove the /data/usf directory. To do so, no matter if we have the open bootloader or not, you just have to ensure that we have one of these versions of Android: 10.1. D. 0.317, 10.1. D. 0.322, 10.1. A. 1.350

The process is not particularly complicated, but well follow it to the letter, you can find all the steps in this thread XDA. Are you going to encourage to get Xperia z administrator permissions? At the moment I think I’ll wait to go leaving ROMs.