Spotify Enjoys Apple Musics Took on the Market

You would think that the opposite would be the case, but Spotify is actually grown faster, after Apple introduced its streaming service Apple Music.

Spotify has long been predominant in the market with the ability to stream free music to listen to commercials every now and then, but all of a sudden would also have a slice of Apple Cake with last year’s launch of the Apple Music, where only taken against paying customers.

While Spotify have rounded the 100 million users, is only 30 million. of them paying customers, who contribute with DKK 99 per month. Here, Apple has Music already managed to get total 13 million. paying customers to Apple Music at a little under a year.

Although it originally sounded last year that Apple’s sudden success with Apple Music would affect Spotify hard, it is certainly not the case according to the Swedish streamingtjenestes Director, Jonathan Forster-quite the contrary.

For Reuters has he commented on the competition between Apple Music and Spotify, which among other things, he says, that there has never been a higher growth and customer connection with Spotify than after Apple Music came on the market:

“It is excellent that Apple has come in the fight. They do without doubt streaming more visible. It’s hard even to start an industry. Since Apple Music came to, is we have grown faster and have added more users than before. It would be terrible if we just grabbed each other’s users or to just find out that there is a ceiling of 100 million. users-I don’t think it is the case “, says the Director.

Jonathan Forster also gives expression to it in the long run is not tenable with several streamingtjenester on the market-implied that, for example, Pandora, Google Play Music, SoundCloud and Tidal goes a difficult time in meeting:

“My internet history will tell me that there probably isn’t going to be so many significant players in the market, and in addition, maybe small niche event … that can maybe get a streaming service with classical music. It is tough business “.