Stereoplay Tip – out HD Do Quadro

In nearly all HiFi rooms, the Quadro playback will be better.

Even if stereoplay occasions spread among his off 2-get 5 method (last 10/06) and many readers already successfully practicing it, earned it’s now, warmed up to be. In the context of the new, high end Dolby True HD formats and DTS HD Master will appear even hotter than ever.

Now it is clear that happens HD decoding and D/A conversion in the receiver in one go. That can and should he make, by a representative of medium-priced, no man will require but that he also make a highendige gain.

This applies in particular to the important front speakers. So we recommend a receiver with pre outs, allowing with the front left and front right outputs via RCA cable to build a bridge to a free high level input (for example, aux or tape) to a stereo amplifier, ergo the proven system of the House. In almost every case, the sound level reached then really only HD worthy. Practical way is marked a fixed volume position, because the receiver, which must provide even the two rear speakers, regulates the volume and quiet.

And the Center? In film sound mixes stereoplay stands still for his permission. When the current Blu-ray music examples testers tended but rather to the omission, even if it was an identical with the page post, third Sonics Allegra (8/05). Run-time and comb filter effects and the like or not, without Center sounded yet somewhat dissolved, more pleasant. This applies especially to suboptimal Center solutions (in terms of box, installation and reinforcement). In nearly all HiFi rooms, the Quadro playback will be better.

The rear speakers (many manufacturers offer related but otherwise viable small sound with the great) the music lover will want to soon no longer miss. Because thanks to the defined less by the playback of the recording space, more authentic indirect sound such as a violin sounds less härtlich, airy, moving, warm resinous, just more violin.