Telmore-customers can now get a much smarter voicemail, based on Danish technology.

Although messenger and video chat WINS still greater ground is the answering machine, and its often heavy-handed interface ever diligently used.

In order to facilitate the operation of one’s voicemail, Telmore today introduces unique features that makes it possible to listen, rewind, delete or forward messages-without having to go through menus and robot voices trykknapsaktiverede.

Telephone about something administered instead through an app where messages downloaded over WiFi or mobile data, while contact information as contact picture stapled to the individual messages. 

With the app you can also choose how long to wait before a call to voice mailbox and whether smoking you will receive SMS messages or pushnotifikationer when new messages have been recorded.

Works with both Android and iOS

In contrast to competing solutions from TDC and Full rate, Telmore first with a multi-platform solution which can also be used by Android users.

It is telecommunications entrepreneur and founder of Telmore, Frank R’s new company CubeIO, which is behind the voice mail app.

“Consumers want to have control. At the same time, it should be easy, delicious, easy-to-use and personally instead of robot voice, you get in the tube when you dial into your voice mailbox. Our voicemail has many unique features and is a solution that can be tailored to the individual. And so it is available for both android and iPhone users, which stresses that Telmore are completely in front of creating value for our customers, “says ceo Telmore, Jens grønlund, in a press release.