BlackBerry spent years together with Nokia one of the manufacturers of mobile phones with more pull and prestige. His motives were not only omnipresent in the business sector, trusting their safety and service messages and emails, also It was a success among younger, with terminals such as the BlackBerry 8520.

But the market has changed a lot in recent years. BlackBerry has been the transition from feature phone to a smartphone (almost) like any other brand, what pushed him to try a new formula: launch an Android phone. And thus was born the BlackBerry Priv, two months after its official launch Finally comes to Spain, the considerable price of 779 euros.

No one can deny that the BlackBerry Priv is not an attractive terminal. That hybrid between BlackBerry’s life and Android smartphone It is worth at least one glance, both design and features. Long not seen a phone with sliding keyboard, and much less with a screen of 5.4 inches, accompanied by an interesting camera or storage capacity surplus (32 GB internal memory and up to 2 TB via microSD card).

Good terminal, at exorbitant price

Now, while selling the BlackBerry Priv seems to have worked well in the first market where it was launched, the 779 euros to now reach Spain (identical price to that of other European countries) aleja this pocket of many users terminal, that at one lower price might consider the purchase. At the moment, the only privacy can be found at the official store of the manufacturer, waiting for its arrival in stores, that seems complicated given the virtual disappearance of the Spanish retail brand.