If we ask for a Smartphone with full physical keyboard recent, surely will come to anyone none head. And it is that in recent times the only ones with this format have been three BlackBerry, the Classic, the Passport, and finally the first smartphone of the Canadian brand with Android as an operating system, the Priv.

And now that BlackBerry has put an end to the production of the Classic and the other two models are also taking a hit little notable and could run the same fate, perhaps time to ask ourselves if the physical keyboard in the Smartphone era has come to an end. And the answer seems Yes, because it seems that no other manufacturer will take the baton to BlackBerry.

Farewell to the BlackBerry Classic can put an end to the smartphones with physical keyboard. Many users who refused to make the leap to the touch screen seems to finally they have succumbed to the charms of the big screens, They provide keys that although virtual often are larger than the physical keys.

From 2010 there have been over 400 phones with physical keyboard different manufacturers have presented, but the truth is that in recent years the pace of releases has decreased to be reduced to the minimum. In 2016 we have no evidence that any new smartphone with a physical keyboard has been launched and if we go back to 2014 and 2015 the only ones we remember are precisely the BlackBerry.

Researching on smartphones launched throughout the world, in the last two years databases We have only been able to find one with physical keyboard outside of BlackBerry: LG Optimus F3Q. A smartphone Android limited to certain markets, the style of the Geeksphone One who opted for this format. Back will be those Chachacha HTC or Samsung Galaxy Chat who wanted to replace the BlackBerry.

The physical keyboard, only for simple phones

With the scarcity of smartphones with physical keyboard of the past years and farewell to the BlackBerry Classic, it seems clear that anyone who wants to have a physical keyboard on a phone not may choose a smartphone, and even in simple phones if you are looking for a full QWERTY keyboard the mission because it seems quite impossible.

As a last resort, those who want to have a full physical keyboard to write in your smartphone always may use the Bluetooth keyboard compatible with Android and iOS. And all this just after that keyboard is reported to the manufacturer that wanted that iPhones would emulate their creations with a cover BlackBerry, denounces which finally won.