The Farewell to The Old BlackBerry Leaves Via Free Software, What Really Works

There is some news that does not take a intuyendose time lose that point of surprise that cut us breathing for a couple of seconds. Microsoft decided to sell feature phones division to Foxconn, is put into question the continuity of the Lumia, or as that BlackBerry has decided that it has already manufactured enough phones by itself and that is the time that others will follow your path.

In fact, both companies saved some similarity in their journey. Both were giants in their own way but failed to adapt to the new times, the leap from mobile phones to smartphones. Now, while Redmond still not have given the surprise, the Canadians have decided finally throwing in the towel. Not in full, only insofar as to manufacture telephones, services work great and will continue to be with them.

Amputating until it’s late

Contrary to what many may have thought to publish the news of the flight of manufacturing phones BlackBerry in different media, the multinational based in Waterloo does not close. Simply stop making smartphones and leave that task in the hands of other partners from now on. Something which, on the other hand, already occurred from a couple of models built by TCL. The owner of Alcatel created a few months ago the DTEK50 and now faces a new model, the DTEK60.

Already some months ago that BlackBerry representatives talked to the media regarding a rumor which placed them outside the industry. BlackBerry said that it only postponed the terminals with BlackBerry OS for later and that they would now bet on Android, by the hand of TCL as we have seen. Finally the rumors have finished by countering the company itself and This closes its hardware division. Something that their figures asked long ago for BlackBerry, as we can see in the image above, was already virtually irrelevant in the market.

On these lines, we can see the evolution of the different mobile operating systems market shares from 2009. Android began to take off and the year in which both Symbian as BlackBerry fall is already appreciated. 7 years later, the Canadian manufacturer he hangs up his gloves and leaves the ring, but that is just a way to focus on what really works it: software and services.

The new BlackBerry is not so new

We might think that BlackBerry will now focus on software and services, once wound that they desangrasen year after year has been closed. But the truth is that on BlackBerry they have already long caring for its services division and the MWC published an article which now acquires special relevance. What BlackBerry announced during MWC 2016 while nobody paid attention.

At the end of February this year held the latest edition of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and, frankly, almost nobody noticed the absence of BlackBerry. Already by then the phone division was frankly stop, ballasted by the poor results of the Priv and engaged in the development of other subsequent disappointment, the DTEK50.

Yes there was software and services at MWC, however. Without parts, but with code and bits, BlackBerry announced that it moved all its services to Azure as part of one deal more with Microsoft to finish integrating your software with Nadella business suite. AtHoc, the BlackBerry crisis management tool, He left bound Azure and next to it the totality of BES 12, the company’s business services.

A BlackBerry more secure, cost-effective

While no one was looking, BlackBerry had acquired Encription Ltd, a British company specializing in security. Encription billed at the time of purchase about 16,500 billion dollars annually, 70% of whom now pertecenen to BlackBerry. The abandonment of the hardware division was only a necessary step towards migration in search of profitability.

Just take a look at the figures recently presented by BlackBerry to observe that its services division doubled its profits in the last quarter, the fiscal Q2 for the company Canadian which closed at the end of this month of September.

This Division is still reporting benefits to the Canadian company must now add another project, another business plan that will help to leave behind as soon as possible the vexations of the hardware. BlackBerry raises licencing and expand their services and it is something that could be tremendously profitable for a company that is highly respected in terms of business services in the cloud.

The information comes from the company itself, through Ralph Pini, COO and Director General of solutions for mobility of BlackBerry. According to it, the company confirms between teeth that is in the process of transition from hardware to software, focusing on signing an agreement to make another company, PT Tiphone, the concessionaire, among other places, to Indonesia.

A new future for BlackBerry

With what object? It is not another that focus on software from now on. Ballasts and without pressure, forget about a market that has only offered them troubles in recent years. The own Pini speaks of the benefits that will bring them the new strategy: follow present with users and businesses through its software Security providing, and access to new channels of hardware offering the programmatic part, inside, something that so far not focused.

So, a new future opens for BlackBerry, one that already existed but that now get rid of the ballast of a division of hardware that was already many years giving symptoms of being finished. The Canadian manufacturer strikes the last blow to their phones and will remain in service and safety. Something that apparently seen, it gives it bad. We hope to even make them bright future ahead.