The Financial Results of BlackBerry’s 2015: Buenos But with Few Sales of Smartphones

Update: We update the article with data relating to the sales of published by BlackBerry smartphones.

BlackBerry is already too long mired in an internal restructuring of its business model. Is not openly recognized and evidenced by the absence of data on terminals in its annual report, but the section responsible for smartphones is proving a failure and the Canadian company flees, wisely, to software and business services after the losses in its third quarter.

With the need for market data showing performance, for better or for worse, the BlackBerry Priv, the last big bet on BlackBerry hardware, the company He has presented data with benefits but surely bums. Has found, that Yes, a place of refuge when many experts gave it for dead.

The figures for the last quarter of 2015

BlackBerry has presented figures which speak of income, non-GAAP, i.e. without being 100% strict accounting, 487 million dollars. Benefits, also non-GAAP, are encrypted 153 million, some data that increase steeply from those of the same quarter of the previous year. With respect to 2014, the company the increase by 106%, considerable data.

When we speak of EBITDA, earnings before taxes, depreciation, etc., the figure falls to $ 78 million, but this does not prevent that company can come and estimate that its software and services divisions will come to $ 527 million this year. Meet your own expectations would talk of a growth of 10%, approximately, by the end of 2016.

The accounts are and despite the benefits, BlackBerry has seen how its shares have fallen this year although less than waiting it, leaving only 3 cents on the road throughout the exercise. But what is really worrying is the number of terminals sold, very few even for low sales which the market provided.

600,000 units in three months

600,000 BlackBerry units have been sold in the last fiscal quarter of the year. Those have been figures that has given the Canadian company and that have become disappointed, not only because of the exceptionally low but because Wall Street had expected 850,000 units, and they have closed the year worsening figures for his own third quarter where sold 700,000 units.

The BlackBerry Priv do not seem to have given good results While it was on sale with few operators in an attempt to be convervadores. In the us, for example, only was on sale with AT & T, although both T-Mobile and Verizon have incorporated it already for this exercise and its numbers will be at the end of the quarter.

In the MWC in Barcelona held in late February there was news about BlackBerry, but none about devices. The company improved encryption acquiring a company specialized and moved some of its services to Azure. More clues about the malfunction of its terminals, and a little more confirming the suspicions of the death of 10 BlackBerry.

The launch of products with Android was, in the words of its Manager, of a complementary and not alternative strategy, or at least that is what they gave to understand at the moment from BlackBerry. That is why Nader Henein matizase it was for products with the same quality as so far.

However, everything seems to point to that BlackBerry away from hardware, It may embrace Android sooner rather than later, and that these benefits may have convinced managers who offered resistance to abandon the path of BlackBerry 10. We will see if we have more news from now on later over BlackBerry 10, but all indications are that it will not be good.