The First Photos of Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Pops up

Samsung is on the road with a hardy active-variant of the Galaxy S7. Now is the first pictures of the phone surfaced.

For a month and a half ago showed up in an active Galaxy Samsung S7-variant of the U.S. telecommunications company at & t, which was a clear indication that a sequel to the previous active-models from Samsung is under way.

And sure enough. Now the images from the website Samsung VN for arrived by the upcoming Galaxy S7 active, which-not surprisingly-again comes in a very tough design that can withstand a bit of each.

If the specifications of the Galaxy S7 appeals to you, but if you need something a little more robust that can easily stand to be lost on the ground every now and then, so is Galaxy S7 active which is created for you.

On the images, which have just emerged, seen as basically a Galaxy S7 in new disguise consisting of a reinforced metal frame, while the corners and parts of the back is further protected with a thick long rubber, which not only provides a good grip, but probably also will absorb the brunt of and protect your phone.

Just as Samsung past have the habit to do with active variants, is also decorated with a Galaxy S7 active camouflaged backside that may not ensure the design awards, but might appeal to outdoor people that will find a resilient top model appealing.

Essentially similar to Galaxy S7 active so greatly its predecessor, but there is still a little small successive amendments made on the front. Samsung uses usually the so-called capacitive buttons on the front under the screen, but active-models need something a little more durable. Therefore, there is instead big, physical buttons, which last year was some wide, low and coherent buttons divided by oblique lines.

This year get Galaxy S7 active three, big, round and subtending bracts buttons that most of all looks like three Home buttons.

It remains to be seen, when Samsung Unveils Galaxy S7 active. In fact, it is not even certain that it is Samsung, which makes it. Like the back indicates on the phone, it is a variant of the U.S. telecommunications company at & t, and last year it was just the telecommunications company, which published it instead of Samsung itself.

Unfortunately it never came in trade here in Denmark, and there is nothing to suggest that it will be different this year. There is nothing to wait and see if Samsung is trying it with a major launch of the year.