The Next Motorola Could Use The ZUK ZUI Coating, According to His VP

So far Motorola phones / Moto came loaded with a layer of customization very close to Stock Android, But if we listen to the alleged words of his Vice President Alex Chen Yu in the Weibo social network, this may be about to change.

The message would be limited to say that new motorbike terminals they would include the ZUK ZUI customization layer, without going into details of what they would be these terminals, only stops range, all would be whether it would apply retroactively to the Motorola already existing. To add even more mystery to the topic, publication in Weibo already gone, although we are left with many screenshots as a witness.

Farewell, stock Android?

This information is confirmed, we hope that Lenovo / Motorola put the batteries in the development of its layer of customization ZUI, as it didn’t too well stop for example in our analysis of ZUK Z2, where he received sentences as “a fairly intrusive coat” or “the solution is to Flash a stable ROM”. Was a thriller, with a four note.

Capture of the publication in Weibo, now defunct

In the absence of more information and confirmation, there is still room for hope. The publication of Alex Chen Yu on Weibo has disappeared since then, which may mean that Lenovo has changed his idea or that is some nuances in the history that we know. It could also be that this single announcement affect handsets sold in China, where the ZUI layer appears to have more sense than in the rest of the markets (and where you can understand the publication on Weibo).