The Popular App ES File Explorer Spreads Adware

After an update is spreading the free Android app ES File Explorer automatically adware-i.e. advertising-on lock screen on Samsung Galaxy among other S7.

Android app ES File Explorer (also known as ES File Explorer) is popular-very popular. In fact, the downloaded somewhere between 100-500 million.times in Play-shop, so it is not entirely unlikely that you have either heard of it or even have it installed on your smartphone.

If you belong to the latter, you should perhaps reconsider whether ES File Explorer is worth having installed. It shows it as, after the website Android Police have investigated the matter further, to the developers behind this app have put so-called adware into it. It will say that the spreads advertisements on your phone against your will.

First a little background story. Back to november last year began the first significant changes to happen. The developers behind the app, EStrong, released the ES File Explorer in a PRO version that costs 21 kroner. At the same time, there came the advertising in the free Edition, just as it was filled with various unnecessary tools (bloatware) as an incentive to pay for PRO version without these unwanted Add-ons.

Among the added bloatware in ES File Explorer is the so-called “Charging Boost”, which essentially is the app YOU Battery Saver & Fast Charge stored inside in ES File Explorer. Since this Charging Boost function, which of course can not boost ladehastigheden, has been disabled by default since it was added, it hasn’t pulled the big headlines.

Now it turns out, however, that the developers behind the app has gone one step further and has begun to activate this bloatware automatically with, among other things, owners of Samsung Galaxy S7, while Charging Boost remains an opt-in feature, for example, Nexus 5 x phones.

The problem lies in the fact that the Charging Boost in some individuals will appear as a popup, which disguises itself as a system message and do not appear to be from the ES File Explorer. By default, updated apps automatically over WiFi, and once the ES File Explorer is updated to the latest version with the modified bloatware-strategy, starts Charging Boost service according to a user on the website Redditautomatically in the background.
So what makes the Charging Boost so bad? As described before doing anything else than service to charge your phone they promised 20% faster than normal. On the other hand, make it a new lock screen on your existing unlock screen where ignorant users can headed to believe that setting up ladehastigheden even worse is that one-third of the screen occupied by a great advertising (hence the name adware) right in the area where it pushes the lock screen up to unlock the phone.

Users who are not necessarily so tech-conscious, so lightning fast can end with this bloatware on your Samsung Galaxy S7 without knowing where it comes from, and the same is true to a certain extent for any other Android smartphones, if the user actively managed to activate the service.

In order to get rid of this Charging Boost bloatware in ES File Explorer, then, as a minimum, you must deactivate the service inside the app, but even more effectively get you completely rid of the app. There is a sea of equally good alternative “File Explorer” apps in Play-shop, for example, Cabinet, File Manager from ASUS, SUCH AS File Explorer and Solid Explorer to name just a few.