The Prices of The Smartphones Are Going to Be Raising… Will Be The Samsung Next?

Have yet to 2017 – little is already – but even if we are still not close to the hypothetical presentation of the future flagship of Samsung, expected for the month of April, we have already seen and read countless leaks above the Samsung Galaxy S8.

We use that name basically because we don’t have another, and it is that currently there is no official information about you, will surely be, the most important smartphone for Samsung in the past five years. Either way, the last of the rumours is here and will not like, has launched an analyst from Goldman Sachs that we don’t believe too, but this expert has assured that specialized media the Galaxy S8 will increase its price with respect to the S7.

For now it won’t be a rumor that many will want to believe and others will prefer to discard, but the truth is that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most important smartphone of the Korean giant in recent years, and expected much from it…

It’s true or not, Samsung will not reveal details until well into next year, and this haven of peace prior to the storm that often lift the CES and MWC fairs it has allowed that the debate has been opened and is on everyone’s lips.

Is not a trivial detail, because in recent months and with the democratization of the finished premium already We have had a pretty sharp prices climbing, and that has led us to place ribbon at 1.395 euros which costs a Huawei Mate 9 Porsche Desing.

The trend to the rise in prices will remain with the Galaxy S8

With zero reliable details about the future terminal Korean star, is difficult to make assessments about whether it is credible to maintain the upward trend knowing that the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge already rises to 819 EUR.

However, the analyst said that the main reasons for this increase are focused on the increase in prices of raw materials to manufacture the device, and that this is a reason of force majeure, which will force Samsung to significantly raise the cost of its flag bearer device.

And what’s more, he has dared to indicate that the memories will be the culprits in most of this rise in prices, as the supply of DRAM and NAND Flash memory chips has not come up as if your demand, has the sale of smartphones and, above all, by the growth of its consumption at startup companies switching to SSD of its data stores.

It sounds credible, and is in fact expected to Samsung to join the cast of its Galaxy S8 the best that the hardware market can offer While this impact on finishes and features. At this stage and cured already haunted, undeniable is that in these cases the prices can always grow.

Galaxy S8 in two versions?

And now that we are, we are going to let us carry entering a speculative spiral xatakera, encouraging us to analyse all the information to ask if Samsung is preparing or not two versions of the Galaxy S8. Why not? It is the answer…

There are two models of Galaxy S7, but seeing that Samsung has convinced you already definitely using the panels ‘dual edge’, it is possible that the Korean giant wants to surprise us with a normal model of the Galaxy S8 and another ‘Plus’, both with the design of double curved front but one more premium, with more features and more expensive.

It is there where this increase in prices, in a model might be ‘plus’ of the Galaxy S8 that add to the party most noble materials, increased storage capacity, a 4 K panel so that the VR win pixel density or a S-Pen this year remains unused by the fall of the Galaxy Note 7.

We do not create them or not, the S8 Galaxy already we know that it will have Bluetooth 5.0 and will incorporate features of the Galaxy Note 7 as dual biometric identification, finger and iris scanner. If we will have or not a more advanced model or Samsung will maintain the classic smartphone in smaller size bet along with another model ‘edge’ It is something that, for the moment, we can only comment as mere speculation.

What do Samsung in 2017? Are we to believe us that the S8 Galaxy will raise price without offering us nothing more?