We are still dancing the insufficient distribution of the OnePlus One, and there is desire of his successor, and preliminary information of the same. According to they have commented Carl and David of the brand in a round of questions on Reddit, We can expect a successor to the second or third quarter of next year.

Of course, there are no details of this device, except that it probably comes with Android, under foreseeable ‘standardization’ of this Android version between the high ranges that come out at this time.

Also mentioned that many people are asking for them a somewhat smaller phone, and without going to confirm the size of this ‘OnePlus Two’, It gives clues of what might be a smaller phone.

Massifiant the success of the One

It is clear that OnePlus guys know how to make quality products. What is not so in firm is the ability of distribution with. They will maintain the system of invitations, or will choose to stay in the new booking system? Will they have a sufficient production capacity?

This version Two, we do not know if called, has the biggest challenge before him. It of no use done advertising or be a very desired product if we are not able to meet the demand and place units. Let us remember that the One has the manufacturing capacity of Oppo, just missing that make use of it.

What can we expect for these dates? Taking into account that the One was filed in April with the Snapdragon 801 @2.5GHz and 3 GB of RAM, with screen 1080 p 5.5 inch, We can easily expect an amount of RAM not less accompanied by the next 810 (with architecture in 64-bit and 20 nm). It is not as predictable is the diagonal and, probably Quad HD resolution, in view of the comments made.