Thus Was The Embryo of Android in 2007, a Review in Catches

The trial of Oracle against Google, which has already seen its judgment, has not only condemned Google for violating the licensing of Java, but it has brought us references several e interesting about the birth of Android.

A couple of days that Google taught in detail its first prototype built with Android, manufactured by HTC and known as Google Sooner. With it, also showed the first functional BETA for Android, and so that you may know how the famous Green Android operating system, was born today I teach in detail based on screenshots said embryo of Android.

The version that we are talking about dates back to May 15, 2007, and is practically a year prior to the launch of the first Android 1.0 version. Your code is htc-2065.

Interface and desktop


As we can see, Android today keeps the basics the design of its interface. In the middle of 2007 we already see the notification bar superior, support for widgets, and obviously a Google search in your bottom toolbar.

We also see that there was a kind of dock with a carousel of applications, and the side arrow that can be seen in the first picture, hopefully they might already be several desktops with a mobile wallpaper.

Launcher & Google Apps


The application launcher was by then very primitive, with a little care icons and an obviously immature graphics. By not having the Google Sooner touch screen, access to applications was carried out through the physical PAD and not touch way.

As for the Web browser, it is WebKit-based [Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X; [en) AppleWebKit/522 + (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/419.3] and set up to look like a Mac, perhaps to help hide the Android system in navigation, since it is a device that was used long before Android was announced.

Gmail and Google Talk were already present in this device to enforce the integration of Google’s services. However, both applications were currently very different from what we see today, with an ancient but functional design. In the picture you can see that Gmail was already compatible with attachments in emails.

More applications and features

This version of Android was not only is integrating basic services and Google applications, but we also see that you included several useful today applications in day are essential on any mobile phone.

Thus, we see an agenda of contacts and a complete messaging app SMS that included, even then, the conversation tab.

We can also see a Calculator try to imitate the typical office paper calculators, and a application of the camera which shows the record video and capture full screen button. In addition, we also see an application to take Quick notes.

Approximately, Google took six months more to present Android to the world, already very different to this version and with far superior performance. Despite this, had to wait about a year to see in stores to the HTC Dream, first device launched with Android inside.

If you want to profundidar more at the beginning of Android, you can take a look to this infographic or this one.