We can not dwell too much on the details of the news, but yes keep the main thing, and it is that BlackBerry already pass it to platforms that have just arrived as Tizen. It is not something that I get happy, but is a reality to assume, System Canadians are not interested in, and others are knowing to grow in emerging markets.

Nor is that the news will serve to Samsung to shoot rockets, with bada also were able to gain a foothold in fast, but surely that helps reduce those rumors talking out of the mobile market. In a nutshell, what we have is that Tizen is the fourth platform in sales in the third quarter of 2015, always according to data handling Strategy Analytics.

Tizen silently becomes stronger on phones, but Samsung is giving him an important place in his catalogue: TVs and watches

If we you listen to Samsung, Tizen is the second operating system in India, in the segment of ‘affordable phones’, which is a complicated category of interpret in an emerging market. In terms of its global deployment, we know that the Z3 Tizen will reach eleven European markets this year.

In summer we met that the small Samsung Z1 was having a good reception in India, surpassing their first million in sales in six months. The phone was only sold in India and Bangladesh.

Samsung is trying to be Tizen attractive to developers, the way to do it is giving 100% of the profits for each application. Much remains to be done, but are now names like Facebook, Angry Birds, VLC or MixRadio.