Tome of the Sun, a New MMORPG Hack & Slash for iOS and Android

Well, it happened again: the book of the sun broke, and now Web of shadows has free access to the Kingdom of the Sun to perform all kinds of atrocities. Luckily there is an entire army of Heroes ready to defend peace with sword fight!

Tome of the Sun is a MMORPG with game mechanics hack & slash released recently on two main store mobile by NetEase. The idea is that typical of the titles in this genre: choose your own hero, chop up some cattivacci, gain experience and become stronger, and so forth in search of the ultimate challenge. To assist us in battle we will also have many different creatures controlled by computer, upgradeable of course in turn.

The game has a hybrid setting single player/multiplayer campaign playable alone offers 150 dungeon, while for multiplayer we PvP battles, the coop and collective challenges through guilds. There are over 1000 alternative equipment available, with the promise that new content will be added over time.

Tome of the Sun you can download for free on both platforms, but as usual there are the in-app purchases that will allow you to purchase premium currency to obtain power-ups more succulent.